Universal Health Principles™ =

Innate Guidance from your Body, Connecting You to Your Higher Self.

The most effective tool I found for my own healing and growth was Universal Health Principles™. UHP is a healing + expansion modality that harnesses the innate intelligence of our bodies to create ease, flow & power in our lives.

UHP sessions give you exactly what you need in that particular moment. It may be your healing. It may be your expansion to the next level. Usually it’s both, but not in the way you would guess!

As your healing and growth facilitator, it’s my job to listen to the messages coming from your body, with a deep trust that it knows the perfect order of what is ready to shift in your life.

It’s so easy for our mental ambition to get in the way of our deepest truth.

Universal Health Principles™ sessions help reveal your truth at the soul level and guide you on the path of least resistance toward living it. 

In other words, sessions get you out of your head and into your wholeness. The most powerful place you can heal + manifest from. 

By slowing down and taking the time to listen to what your *body* knows its ready for, life and your creations start to unfold with much more ease. You begin to trust yourself, your timing, and have access to a deeper wisdom. You feel the magic of your existence and perfect unfolding. You have compassion for the past and optimism for the future.

My clients say all the time, “These sessions are magical!” And they are. Together, we’re tapping into the interconnected web of the universe in a moment where it is all about YOU. Your potential to shift yourself through shifting your consciousness. This isn’t child’s play - but it’s a lot of f*ing fun!

Some sessions will feel like a heavy release, burrowing down to some of your root issues that started in childhood. Some sessions will feel like champagne and snacks on an early summer sunset cruise with your beloved. Some will feel like a big fat YES. THIS IS THE CLARITY I’VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR!! All of them will offer you exactly what you need to shift to a more empowered perspective in that moment. 

What does a session look like?

In UHP sessions, I tune into your system energetically and ask your body where communication is ready to improve. The information that comes through weaves a story about the shifts that are ready to occur within your being. We use tapping, emotional processing, imagery and unique-to-you-permissions (similar to affirmations, but more powerful!) to create a shift in energy and consciousness that allows you to move beyond what previously felt like a block. 

I NEVER diagnose what’s “wrong” with you because I don’t believe that anything is wrong with you - there’s only an opportunity for stress to leave your system and for fresh communication (and supportive neural pathways) to fuel your wholeness, harmony, and radiance.

If we’re in person, you’ll be lying down on a massage table and I will use your wrist for guidance. If we’re meeting online, you can sit or lie down and I will use my wrist for our guidance (it works just the same!).

It is important to be in a relaxed state during the session to reach your subconscious mind and make shifts there. This simply means slowing down your brain waves. It is common to feel a bit tired after the session, especially your first!

how can we work together?

I work with new clients by referral or request. Please fill out the form below to connect and I will send you the link to schedule. I work over Zoom and also in my studio in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. The cost of the first session is $97.

After your first session, we can discuss options for continuing to work together based on your desire for healing and growth. I can often intuit what would be most helpful and propose a package. If the work speaks to you, we will find the perfect way to continue the journey, working out timing and financial details in a way that feels good to both of us.