I found Universal Health Principles™ when my life looked like I should feel on top of the world, but I was actually very scared, sad and anxious. Though I was “living it up” on a 10-week honeymoon in Paris, working remotely as a virtual assistant at only 26 years old, I was also experiencing chronic pain that the doctors couldn’t explain, near-constant anxiety in a city where I couldn’t speak the language, struggling to eat intuitively after years of eating disorders and still recovering from the trauma of a sexual assault four years prior. I was off of birth control for the first time in a decade, blocked around the book I had been writing (that I had put all my professional + creative hopes on!) and suddenly a wife, totally dependent on my husband to communicate for me. It was a total crisis point in my sense of self.

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I needed help.

I found a Universal Health Principles™ program online and started receiving sessions. Faster than I could have imagined, my life transformed.

My pain reduced, then went away almost entirely, I felt like I could relax for the first time (finally seeing how much tension I had been storing in my body from the assault and my eating disorders), my binging steadily declined, I launched my first online programs, made more money and eventually moved into my dream apartment in Brooklyn. My husband described it as “Kerri before UHP” and “Kerri after UHP.” It was a true personal reinvention.

I was doing other personal development and spiritual work at the time, (and had been for years!) but nothing shifted my life like UHP. I decided I had to learn how to share the peace, wonder, joy, and expansion that I had been given with others and trained to become certified in the modality. Now, I serve clients in NYC (from Crown Heights, Brooklyn) and all over the world through Zoom.

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I primarily work in 1-on-1 sessions and in a six-week group coaching program called The Upgrade that gives you the foundation you need to thrive, mixing Human Design, UHP and my GUMPTION method. Learn more about The Upgrade here (4 spots left for the group that begins on 5/29) and visit this page for more info about 1-on-1 sessions.