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What is on the other side of your gumption?

It’s getting real. August is here and 2020 is on the horizon. A big moment, shifting decades. A big opportunity to set a new standard. To pen yourself a new story.

It’s time to change your story around your creative capability.

To move from stuck, frustrated and scared to powerful, peaceful and courageous. Getting to a place you’ve never been to before. Taking your expression to the next level.

When we think about creativity or the arts, everyone thinks success looks a certain way. Basically, to be famous. Win a pulitzer. Be “well known.”

We know this is bullshit AND YET the stories and the conditioning run deep.

What’s the point if it’s not my profession?

Am I just not good enough?

Why hasn’t it worked out for me?

Will I ever be satisfied with what I have?

If you know the Martha Graham quote about the divine dissatisfaction inherent in art, then perhaps the juicy answer to that last one is No - you will not feel satisfied. At least not for very long. 

Because urge, urge, urge

Always the procreant urge of the world (Walt Whitman)

Your soul came here to explore, create and grow. 

It wants a new challenge. It wants to break on through to the other side. (Jim Morrison)

And so do you. 

You want to stop feeling sad about what you haven’t done - 

The book you want to write

The stories you want to share

The stage you really want to be on

The music you want to play

The film you want to make

The website you want to exist

The project you know you must complete

you want to feel proud.

If you’ve been stuck or stagnant, scared or stalling - now is the time. 

We are moving into 2020, a new decade. An important one for our planet and for ourselves. 

And I believe that part of what will heal this world is women in their power and confidence, creating new stories about our society. Sharing their truth, bringing audiences into the softness of their hearts and the strength of their most noble convictions. We are a part of it. A part of the healing. A part of the growth. A part of the new earth. 

And we are allowed to bring our gifts - especially our creative gifts! - to the service of the awakening that needs to happen on this planet if we are to survive. 

What are you bringing to the table?

How do you want to FEEL as you do it?

(As you imagine it, make it, and release it?)

In GUMPTION Goddess you complete a thrilling-for-you creative project (or milestone on a project) by January 2020, while we explore a new theme each month that makes up the fierce feminine creator. 

  1. Power

  2. Intuition

  3. Expression

  4. Ecstasy

  5. Devotion

  6. Courage

    We dive deep into practices that unlock those potentials within us as we commit to imagining, creating and releasing our next creative work. 

    Myself included. 

    I am working on a new one woman show about the last four years. It’s going to be political and mystical and funny and raw. I can’t say much about it yet (I am just at the very beginning of writing it!), but something is brewing and it wants to be ready by February.

    We hear so much these days about “platform”- aka, your social media following. And yes, you might be interested in a powerful, sustainable, fun, satisfying platform for your creative expression online. But don’t be fooled, the “platform” starts with you. Your own embodiment. You own sureness. Your own ability to keep showing up for yourself, the work and all who you will benefit. 

    That’s why we’re digging deep. 

    In AUGUST, we reclaim our


Reclaim any power you’ve given over to doubt, fear, comparison, and dis-trust of yourself and the universe to support your creative expression.

Identify the energy leaks in your life that are stealing from your creative potential and address them, letting go of the habits that don’t serve you and creating new ones that do.

In SEPTEMBER, we feel our


Learn how to lead yourself intuitively into your own creative practice. Do not allow the voices of what is right for others infiltrate your mind, but instead, keep close attention to your body, listening to your intuitive truth of how your work wants to unfold.

This doesn’t mean you don’t show up because you don’t “feel” like it. You surrender into where the work wants to take you and how it feels best for you to show up, following your intuitive bread crumbs one by one.

In OCTOBER, we explore

Dive deep into your work. Where are you afraid to show up? To express? To let the work move through you?

This month, break through the first dip where the excitement starts to wear off and it gets “hard.” Commit to your expression and leave hesitation in the past. 

In NOVEMBER, we engage in


Embody your bliss. The masculine structure of creativity has been “work hard, don’t stop, push through.” And while there is value in that, it is only half the story.

What if your commitment was ecstatic? What if your emotions were the ride of a lifetime? Your greatest source of inspiration? Explore your ecstatic pleasure and wildness while reaching your project milestones.



Continue your work. Deliberately, devotedly, despite the rush of the holiday season. Practice staying committed, yet joyous with our projects. Take it to the next level and feel AMAZING about what you’ve accomplished by December 31st. 

In JANUARY, we invoke our


Put your work into the world. In your boldest move yet, you take the perfect next courageous step for yourself. Feel the fear, but drop into your heart and do it anyway. Embodying your courage gives other women and creators permission to embody theirs.

Together, we create a new vision for ourselves and our world in 2020.


Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

:) Here are the details:

August: Prep Month: Power

  • Power Reclamation Practice Video

  • 1, 90 minute 1-1

  • ~ 2 hour opening group ritual  

August is a bit of a prep month as we enjoy the final days of summer, while reclaiming our power and setting the stage for your a creative autumn. We discuss your project in depth in our 1-1 and decide on the project completion or milestone you would like to embody by January. Toward the end of the month, we have our first group meeting with an opening ritual. Time TBD based on the group.

September: Warming Up: Intuition

  • Intuition Practice Video

  • Two 45 min 1-1s (Coaching/UHP)

  • Group coaching call (1 hr 45 min)

  • Weekly warm ups (weekly 15 min call on Zoom, time TBD based on group, for a collective GUMPTION Warm Up.)

September is what we used August to prep for, as we move into our creative expression in earnest. You follow your own intuition as you set writing/output goals for yourself and follow the pings on how your project is asking to be unfolded. We also begin our weekly group GUMPTION warm ups (because it feels so awesome in a group and it’s a way to energetically stay connected throughout the 6 months whether we are meeting that week or not).

October: Momentum: Expression

  • Expression Practice Video

  • Two 45 min 1-1s (Coaching/UHP)

  • Group coaching call (1 hr 45 min)

  • Weekly warm ups 

  • PLUS! Bonus in person weekend writing retreat

    (date TBD) in Brooklyn, likely early October. We’ll come together for two days of transformational group work, UHP, and plenty of time to write!

In October we stoke our creative cauldron, going deeper into our writing/work/expression through an in person retreat 10:30am - 4pm each day. We continue making progress in a way that feels juicy and meaningful.

November: Dance Break: Ecstasy

  • Ecstasy Practice Video 

  • Two 45 min 1-1s (Coaching/UHP)

  • Group coaching call (1 hr 45 min)

  • Weekly warm ups

In November we spice up our work with a focus on ecstasy. How deliriously bold can we get in our expression? Our exploration? How much pleasure is possible as the daylight wanes and Scorpio season takes us into our depths?

December: Catch Your Breath: Devotion

  • Devotion Practice Video

  • 1, 90-min 1-1

  • Group coaching call (1 hr 45 min)

  • Weekly warm ups

December reminds us to stay devoted to ourselves and our expression, no matter what is happening outside around us. We enjoy the season, while feeling what it’s like to honor and keep safe the flame of our growing work all month.

January: Strong Finish / New Beginning: Courage

  • Courage Practice Video

  • 1, 45 min 1-1

  • 2020 Vision special coaching call (~ 2 hrs)

  • Weekly warm ups

  • Group closing ritual/circle/share

In January, we go big! Sharing our work with the world and each other, we also make plans for the next step of its evolution together and celebrate all that we have accomplished in 6 months!



Six monthly payments of $300 + $25 setup fee (on the first payment only.)


Do I have to complete my project by January?

No, you do not. I believe that our creative projects ultimately work on their own deadlines BUT we can’t just wait for them to complete themselves either. We have to dance with setting our own goals and milestones and letting the universe unfold the path. If you join GUMPTION Goddess, you will tell me or we will decide together what would be empowering to have completed by the end of January, so you can step into 2020 feeling on top. I will hold you to that commitment, while allowing room for grace and unexpected transformation because THAT IS LIFE. 

If I’m local, can I do my session in person?

Yes. We can work out what feels best to us and the times can be shifted for travel, like doing your full 90 minutes of the month in one go, or using 60 minutes for an in person UHP session and then the remaining 30 for coaching online.

Can I use my sessions for something other than coaching or UHP?

Yes. My approach to this program is that I’ve set up the structure, but it’s open for you to ask for what you need. If you’d rather have editing help on a chapter, outlining your story structure, or directing for a monologue, we can do that. I’ll let you know if you’re asking for something I don’t think I can deeply help with!

What time are the group calls?

Because the group calls are only once a month and it’s a small number of people, we will find a time that works for everyone once the group comes together.

What time are the 1-1 meetings?

I will likely try to batch 1-1- meetings, 3/day. Generally my meeting days are Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Thinking it’s a yes?

Send me a note at to say you’re in and claim your spot! Space is limited to 6 women, so the sooner the better. First payments will be accepted from August 1st - August 8th, 2019.

Email me if you have any questions or want to chat about your project before signing up :) There’s also a special human design centered bonus in the works…details TBA.

This is going to be AWESOME.