We start with Human Design because it literally gives you a map of your uniqueness and how you most naturally operate. I'll help you see your own incredible  potential through the lens of your Human Design and together we'll discover where you're currently living in alignment with your design, and where you could be feeling better!

Live on our calls, we'll explore your type, strategy and authority in depth, as well as your profile, incarnation cross, circuity and any other activations I am intuitively drawn to that are essential to make sense of who you are and how you flow best - especially when it comes to your work. You'll also practice living your design in real time over our time together so I can answer questions, help guide you and refine your mental + embodied understanding of what it means to be in alignment as you move through life and your job search!

You'll also receive access to my Human Design course, The Foundation. 

What hasn't worked for you in your past or current positions? Where are you looking to go next? What is your inner experience of work? Do you feel confident in your ability to create a better work situation for yourself or are you terrified of the prospect?

I want to get to know you and hear about your concerns, dreams and fears to determine if working together is a good fit. (And give you space to get to know me and ask questions!)

We start this conversation in our discovery call, After our call, I develop a custom plan for you and send you a proposal about working together. 

It's so important to feel good about the materials that you're presenting in your job search. I help you refine you resume to reflect the truest version of you (also with the help of your human design) so you can feel excited about potential employers reading about you. I have a gift for saying what they need to hear to green light an interview without losing your true essence and what you really want to highlight in the process.

I'll also help you prep for job interviews using the GUMPTION Method, a moving meditation and coaching tool that activates your deepest connection to what you are about to do. Using this method helps you find your conviction, strength and heart-centered excitement for going after roles that truly light you up and relaxes you into being able to fully be yourself during your interviews. 

You deserve to be in a company that respects you, a role that
inspires you, with responsibilities that suit you.

Is 2022 the year you finally step into that?

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february 2022

Part of the gift of working 1:1 is being able to talk things out! Sometimes you don't need to do a healing session, you just need to work something through verbally with me and you're onto the next! Sometimes I'll ask you questions, or share ideas and inspiration for strategies you might take in your job search inspired by your Human Design. Sometimes I'll give you feedback on what I'm observing and see if it resonates with you.
Coaching is a safe space to TALK, to bring awareness and new insight to the obstacles you're coming up against, and to find powerful solutions and ideas for how to move forward. I'm also here to help talk you through potential offers, negotiating, and finding your yes and no in terms of what roles to take. 

Now booking to begin
february 2022.

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Understanding your Human Design does SO MUCH to help you accept, love, and understand yourself and your uniqueness - but often past negative experiences or beliefs related to work can get in the way of creating a new job.  As needed, we will do healing and expansion work to help you HEAL stuck memories and embedded patterns that are holding you back so you can EMBODY the version of yourself that is in her dream work situation. 

This can include Universal Health Principles sessions (an intuitive healing modality that helps process stuck emotional memories and energetic distortions) as well as Emotional Freedom Technique (a direct healing modality that allows us to pinpoint and issue and dive in to shift your emotional state around it.)

You will also receive access to my EFT course, So Emotional, that teaches you how to lead yourself through EFT and has a library of relevant videos to tap along to. 

Disclaimer: I could never take full responsibility for my client results. I am the facilitator that helps them hear what they need to hear and see what they need to see to bring forth their innate wisdom and aligned next steps. They also have to show up and do the work! These testimonials come from various coaching programs I've led over the years!

Customized, 4-month program.


(Note from Kerri: Christie had a desire to explore more comedy and performance, but was worried that wouldn't work with her therapist background - she began playing on TikTok and is now having more fun in her content and has an audience of over 150k! A year later, she's shifting her career trajectory from coaching to her true desires of comedy and being a performer!

Note from Kerri: Deborah went on to write and perform her one woman show, despite being terrified of being seen on stage as an artist and not just a lecturer. She then went on to study vibrational sound healing and take on clients.

I work intuitively and on the spiritual side, (which is part of what clients come to me for) which means that no program is 100% the same. I’m attuning to YOU and what you in particular need right now to create the career that truly suits you.

"I came to Kerri looking for guidance on which direction to take my business and creative endeavors. Her vast knowledge of UHP and human design in addition to her intuitive nature intrigued me, and I was confident that she would be able to help me get past my creative blocks.

In our 1:1 and group sessions, Kerri listened attentively and met me where I was each time, not judging even the slightest bit when I had changed my mind about something or couldn't yet figure out which direction to go.  

Because she knew my human design so well, she understood my ways of being in the world and in my business and validated them lovingly.

I left each session feeling clear and excited about the steps I wanted to take, and I left the program feeling more confident in myself and the gifts I have to share with the world.

“Kerri’s work is magnificent and otherworldly. She was able to tap into thoughts, feelings and emotional patterns in me that I have not shared with others.

During our 4th session my patterns of ‘filling up space’, ‘taking on extra work’, and doing more than I need to came up. I realized after the session that these deep-seated patterns have affected my health, burnout at work and general relationship to work/career, especially as a Projector in Human Design.

I am still processing the shifts and the insights and am unexpectedly finding this pattern come up in other aspects of my life. 

“I recently received a remote session from Kerri on the tail end of what seemed like a two-month long cold and at the commencement of production week for a large scale project. Kerri took the time with me at the start of the session to talk about my needs and what I hoped to get out of the session.

I work at a large, busy non-profit that requires a great deal of collaboration, and we identified that I was having an even more difficult time than usual with communication and decisiveness at work. She then “tuned in” to my body to begin to unearth and untangle any hidden knots that may have been hindering my success, talking with me about my experience and asking me questions along the way. 

At its core, the session felt like mental and emotional therapy prioritizing information held in my body, rather than exclusively focusing on information held in my mind.

"Kerri is an incredibly gifted coach and healer. Her ability to hold space and intuitively guide you through your process is unmatched. Before working with Kerri, I was working through some limiting beliefs such as "needing to do it all on my own" and feeling lost and confused.

Through UHP, Human Design, and Kerri's embodied listening, I was able to accept myself exactly as I am, gain so much clarity and understanding, and truly give myself permission to be the person I already am.

Kerri has this presence that I trusted immediately which is so key while doing this vulnerable, personal work. Anytime old wounds would come up throughout our sessions such as guilt or shame, she guided me into a softening to accept my light as well as my shadow. Thank you, Kerri!" - Leya

Kerri’s insights and healing work have truly empowered me and my relationship to my current work role and to how I show up in my life is shifting.

Through working with Kerri I’ve experienced release from emotional pain, particularly deep-seated emotional and thought patterns. This has been a truly life-shifting experience. I have already recommended Kerri to multiple friends. Her work is truly a gift to humanity.” - Mita 

"Working with Kerri supported me in better understanding myself and how I can interact with the world from a place of authenticity and power. The world of human design is fascinating and Kerri did a wonderful job of breaking down all of the elements specific to my design. I immediately started to experience results as I brought the awareness of my design into my life. It relieved a lot of pressure, making me step into my wholeness as a human being with power and grace. Doing this work with Kerri is forever integrated into my life." - David Medina

Kerri’s highly gifted and intuitive and our relationship spans about 7 years. I highly recommend her to other leaders and CEO’s who are seeking clear energetic support and insight.” - Tanya 

I'm so very grateful to have had the opportunity to be guided by Kerri and I highly recommend that any creative woman seeking clarity in her life and/or career path invest in her mentorship. - Christie

I realized, during this session, that my body was holding onto old beliefs that were buried so deep that I’d forgotten they were there. I hadn’t even told Kerri about my everlasting cold, but wasn’t surprised when she described the connection between my immune system and the exact difficulties I’d been experiencing emotionally. Kerri uncovered these beliefs and turned them into lessons that I could acknowledge and release, rewiring my mind and body to take on new, more productive beliefs.

The lessons that Kerri made me aware of in this session were so accurate that I laughed, and perfectly timely— it was clear that these were the things that I was ready to tackle at this time in my life. I went into the production feeling energized and clear headed. It has been two weeks since the session, and I’ve noticed that projects involving team work and making big decisions have been smooth and effortless.

Kerri is such a joy to receive healing work from. She radiates joy, sincerity, honesty, and compassion, and creates an atmosphere of safety and comfort, even from across the country. I’m so grateful to Kerri for her work, and am looking forward to more sessions.” 
- Celina 

“Kerri’s power lies in her exquisite grace and serenity. What’s most impressive to me is her non-dualistic approach: she offers methods that allow for both flow and structure - i.e. gentle allowing/surrendering and at the same time, structuring and planning.

Her tools unite body/mind, feminine/masculine with creative practices that encourage wholeness, authenticity, inspiration and joy. The result of her techniques might best be described as “flowing structures” or “playful discipline” which produce optimal conditions that allow for creativity to flourish.

I truly cherish the work I’ve been doing with Kerri and it is a privilege to be working with her. She brings great depth, intuition and compassion to each session. I consider Kerri my creative midwife helping me birth the artist that has always been inside me but feels too afraid to come out.” - Deborah 

“Understanding the role of my authority and energy type in human design has helped me manage my energy, trust my choices, and follow my body’s wisdom - its intuitions as well as its needs - to both work more efficiently an welcome serendipity. As a real estate agent I’m fortunate to have a great deal of freedom in the way I run my business; human design has been a big part of making the most meaningful use of that freedom (and you should see me running my colleague’s charts to improve our collaborations!). HD (and Kerri) keep on helping me imagine and sustain a business that brings me real joy.” - Michaela 

“Three summers ago Kerri Van Kirk did a human design reading for me that profoundly shifted the trajectory of my business for the better. By looking at some of the more nuanced material and communicating it to me in a way that felt intuitive, not just learned, she was able to help me illuminate the kind of leadership that was most natural to me and aligned with my design so I could lean into it.

This has impacted the way I communicate and present myself in the world as well as affirming an inner philosophy I’ve always had around radical generosity and the way that that works to bring me and those around me exactly what I need.

Getting to know
one another

Methods & Modalities:
Human Design

healing +
Expansion Work

Talking it OUt!

representing yourself WELL
in Text & IN person

There IS an easier, more aligned way for you to make decisions, trust yourself, flow with your own energy and create the life, relationships and career you desire.

Are you ready to discover it?

If you don't understand how to work with your energy, you often end up feeling:

If you don't understand how to work with your natural energy (aka, your Human Design) you're often left feeling:


There IS an easier, more aligned way for you to make decisions, trust yourself, flow with your own energy and create the kind of work life you desire. 

Are you ready to discover it?

When you work with this energy, you experience the success, satisfaction, and peace that comes from embodying the truth of who you are. You create in a state of flow & discover your unique configuration of a life that works for you. (You can also start to understand your relationships with others, by knowing how their energy affects you and the patterns that you tend to get stuck in. Bringing awareness to these patterns can help you heal them and have the awareness to approach them differently and not repeat the past.)


You are a unique individual with natural brilliance, amazing skills, and an inner sense of direction that - despite what you parents might have said - is there to help you find your next ideal work situation. 

There's arguably been no better time in modern history to be looking for a new role or position. 

The Great Resignation has sent employers into a tailspin, not only ready to pay more, but (for the good ones) ready to start thinking about work differently, offering more benefits, flexible work schedules and a more thoughtful company culture. 

Right now, the worker has the power and that is a beautiful thing for women like you who are looking to work at a company that truly values and respects you. 

Still, you may not feel 100% confident that you can find a job that really suits you, a manager or boss that actually sees you, or a work situation that helps you grow without burning you out. 

I am confident that you can feel better in your work life, and I'm here to help guide you on the journey of making that a reality. 

I help you understand yourself, your journey and your intuition more deeply, so you can start working with your energy instead of against it. This is the practice of embodying your Human Design. When you work in alignment with who you really are, you experience feelings of success, satisfaction, and peace.

You create in a state of flow & discover your unique configuration of a working life that works for you.

I create 1:1 coaching programs for spiritually minded women looking for a career, job or work situation that truly honors their unique contribution. 

Using Human Design, Healing, and Transformational Coaching, I help you relax into your natural flow and approach your job search in a way that leaves you feeling satisfied, successful and at peace - in a role or company that feels *so much better* for you.

You want a work life that
means something to you.

A boss and colleagues that respect you.

A role where you're free to be who you really are, not put on a show just to be accepted.

You want an aligned job,
not just any job.

You want a work life that means something to you.

A boss and colleagues that respect you.

A role where you're free to be who you really are,
 not put on a show just to be accepted.

You want an aligned job,
not just any job.

Human Design
Career Coaching

The Process

I'm here to help.

I'm here to help.

If so, I can't wait to meet with you!

Booking now for february 2022

If you have questions before booking a call, send me an email at kerri@kaylocreative.com or voicenote me on social media! You can also check out my FAQ here.



Does Booking a call mean I'm committing to coaching?

No! Not at all. The discovery call is a chance to deepen our relationship by entering a zone where you can get real with me about where you're at and what you're looking for. Through our conversation, I'll be able to discern whether I think I can help you or not and we can both feel out if it seems like a good fit! 

I only ask that you reserve a discovery call for a time when you are seriously considering investing in coaching over an approximately 4-month period. If you're looking for a shorter timeframe, I invite you to book a Human Design Package or join my mailing list to hear about one-time events and group programs.


What happens after our discovery call?


After our call, I'll take the next few days to a week to put together a custom coaching proposal for you. This will include the intentions for the program and methods (outlined above) customized based on what you've shared with me.

This proposal will outline the length and number of sessions (usually over a four month period, with anywhere from 10 - 16 sessions, their month-by-month frequency, and the investment and payment options. 


How much does coaching with you cost?

The investment changes based on the number of sessions in your package, but expect my proposal to be in the $2500-$3500 range. This investment level is what I've found works the best for my clients and myself at this time.