You are a creative soul in an infinitely intelligent body.

(And I am too.)

Think about that for a minute.

You, by nature of being alive, have an intelligence inside you. It’s what makes your heart beat, your cuts heal, and your serotonin release when you eat that delicious piece of dark chocolate. (No shame here!) It’s in your limbs, your organs, in every single cell. 

Its natural expression is whole, harmonious, and radiant.

So let me ask you a question…

Do you feel harmonious and radiant?

Or do you feel out of whack? Broken? Dull?

Like something is innately wrong with you and that sometimes you wish you could just disappear.

From puberty to my mid-twenties, I spent every single day at war with my body. Constantly judging it, depriving it or stuffing it, and having NO idea how to listen to it. I was living in chronic pain, shame, inner turmoil and fear. 

By not listening to or understanding my body, I kept myself separate from my wholeness.

If you’re feeling anxious or frustrated in your body you definitely aren’t alone and it isn’t your fault. No one ever taught us how to love and nourish our bodies day in and day out. No one taught us how to trust this vessel we’re in.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn.

You DON’T have to keep feeling sh*tty, like a mental disaster or that you’re constantly judging yourself. There’s a better way.

A more holistic way.

You’ve heard it before…Mind. Body. Spirit.

You see, we aren’t just Body, you know that - but we aren’t just Spirit either (I cringe when people call the body a meat suit!) - and we DEFINITELY aren’t just Mind. As a child who was very aware of how “smart” I was, I thought intelligence was the only thing that mattered...until I got to the real world. Ha!

We are creative souls in infinitely intelligent bodies (with minds that can serve or minds that can harm!) Though it may seem backward at first, we have to learn to TRAIN our minds and LISTEN to our bodies.

If you listen to your body, it can guide the way to the most joyful expression of your life. 

But you have to know HOW to listen. You have to know HOW your body works (and how to work WITH your body). You have to have a deep appreciation for the magic that is going on inside of you. 

Then, you can bring that magic out into the world.

You can step into your calling; make that podcast, get on stage, share your story, your message, or your art. When you see your body as your divine vessel, you can create and express from your soul.

My name is Kerri Van Kirk. I am a poet, storyteller, healer and teacher. I help creative women befriend their bodies so that their soul mission can be expressed through them. If you are stuck in judgement, fear, or pain around your body - it doesn’t have to be that way. In my experience, you can not only find relief, but reclaim the wholeness, harmony and radiance that is your birthright. 

I will show you the way. 

Not because I’m a guru or have it all figured out…but because it has been my life’s journey to learn how to befriend my body so that I can be of service to myself, my creativity, and the world. 

Fall in love with the vessel you’ve been gifted. Sign up for my free video course, Befriend Your Body: 3 Practices to Restore your Radiance. 

You’ll get a taste and actionable practice you can use for the 3 main modalities I work in - GUMPTION Method (embodiment through the chakras), Universal Health Principles (helping your body heal itself) and Human Design (learning how the energy of your unique vessel works).