There is nothing wrong with you. 

I know you “know that” - intellectually.

You’ve been to therapy (a little - or a lot). 

You’ve taken the yoga classes.

You read the inspirational memes and messages on Instagram. 

And still. 

You have that sneaking suspicion in the back of your mind. “Am I a failure? Can I do anything right? Will I ever find a job that fits? Does everyone secretly resent me? Am I too much? 

Am I not enough?”

Well I’m here to tell you - from the bottom of my heart - that there is nothing wrong with you. 

You have a unique design, a unique soul path, and a unique set of obstacles and challenges that are part of your journey to embodying your wholeness, harmony and radiance. 

It’s my job to help you get there faster. 

I help creative women heal their lives and transform themselves into the women they want to become through 1-1 and group healing and embodiment work. I use modalities like Universal Health Principles, Human Design and GUMPTION Method to get you out of your head and into your wholeness - the place where true connectedness, passion and inspiration live - so you can relax into your natural flow and actualize your deepest gifts, living a life of peace, satisfaction and success on all levels. 

I know it’s possible because I’m doing it. In love with my wonderful partner, in a home that feels fabulous, work that I love and that contributes to the world, fulfilling collaborations and a healthy, happy relationship to my body and to life itself. Oh yes, and truly forgiving my parents and my assaulter for the trauma they inflicted and feeling like my heart is free to love. 

It wasn’t always this way.

I used to feel so debilitated by those thoughts (what’s wrong with me? Why won’t anyone love me? Why can’t I find work that feels good? I’m a total failure...)that I would have panic attacks. Or eat myself into a stupor. Crying at my desk...the dinner table...trying to figure out what I was good for and where I belonged. Just trying to figure out how to feel stable and...did I dare wish for it? Happy. 

My healing crisis, where I lost my voice and couldn’t sing without pain (though I had just recorded an album and my plan was to be a singers/songwriter) happened young. At 22.

That meant I became an explorer. A seeker of health, expression, harmony and fulfillment. I figured out how to retrain my brain, love my body and create myself a new career in my mid-twenties because I had to.

And now, I share what I’ve learned with you.

What resonates most with you right now?

Underneath it all, you know…

you aren’t a mess, you just need to process.


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Daily ritual? What’s a daily ritual?

You’re not crazy, you’re just not connecting with yourself.


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