More client testimonials!

Right before the new year rolled around I knew I had a final layer of fear to shed, but wasn’t quite sure how to go about it, so I asked the Universe for a sign/help and within a matter of days after I was serendipitously connected with Kerri. At that point I hadn’t ever heard of UHP, but as soon as I Kerri mentioned what it was about I knew it was my help from the Universe. Kerri immediately tapped into my energy and helped me process and peel back the final layer of fear I needed to shed and then helped guide me through a few “permissions” my soul was ready to step into. Since our session my life has done a complete 180 in the best possible way and I know looking back Kerri played a major roll in helping me get where I am today. UHP is absolutely magical I feel everyone should experience it at least once in their life. We’re all made up of energy and sometimes energy gets trapped and Kerri has a beautiful way of finding where it’s at and helping it pass.
— Sarah Salinas, TX
Sessions with Kerri are always mind blowing and empowering. They result in relief on a deep cellular level and a lasting effect on me. Sometimes I would make connections even weeks after we met leaving me with further revelatory insights. Through her almost scientific curiosity, she takes you on an ever deeper journey time and time again, inviting you to grow with her on a co-creative level.
— R. B., Berlin
I’ve been in personal development as customer and service provider for over 10 years. I still wouldn’t know how to describe UHP other than... it’s MAGIC. I don’t know why or how, but it works.

It works best for the things you sense, but can’t find words for. Or when you know you want things to be different, but are unclear about why you’re still stuck. Or if you feel conflict (between yourself and yourself, or yourself and others), and want more ease and flow.

More than just UHP, I deeply appreciate the attuned and aligned guidance Kerri created for me. The channeler is just as important as the channel. Kerri and UHP are a potent mix. I’ve brought Kerri in to work with some of my own clients. That’s how much I trust her and this incredible service she offers. I recommend Kerri without reservation to anyone looking for more ease, clarity, and freedom.
— Christina S. (Coach, FL.)
I had a very important surgery coming up and I invested in a UHP session with Kerri to help me process through all of my feelings anticipating the procedure. I was feeling a lot of fear and sadness. She was able to tune in to some of the key themes that my body, heart and mind were experiencing. She gave me some touching insights to contemplate during the session. I ended up journaling and meditating on these insights daily up until my surgery date. The experience of the surgery was incredibly healing and I felt so safe and supported because of all the mindful care that had been taken in preparing myself for the big day.

I am deeply grateful to Kerri for holding a gentle space for the processing of emotion and the openness to follow her intuition and communicate to me about what she was observing in connection with our energies. My experiences with her has shown me that she’s deeply committed to this work, a highly attuned practitioner and a skillfully articulate communicator. I look forward to our next session.
— Virginia Wilcox., CA
Kerri is a wonderful source of encouragement and grounding. Her GUMPTION acronym is genius.
— Jennifer Sterling, CT
Kerri is knowledgeable and empathetic. More than just reading my human design chart, Kerri fostered an inquisitive and trusting environment that allowed for a dynamic conversation and the space for me to understand the principles behind this work and to reflect on how I engage with the world. She is thoughtful and thorough - her emphasis is that wellness is not a matter of changing yourself but rather accepting and caring for who you are.
— K. B. (NYC)
My UHP session with Kerri was amazing. I felt totally safe and relaxed. As she began to communicate with my body she found old wounds that needed clearing, limiting beliefs that needed to be released as well as joy to align with. After the session I felt a surge of creative ideas. I felt lifted and clearer. The combination of UHP with Kerri as your guide is an invaluable healing tool that is well worth your time.
— Linda Bonadies, CT
Kerri provides a method to gather our resources both internal and external on a deeply spiritual, physical and emotional level. In a safe and nurturing group, we all discovered more about what blocks us in our paths and what we can do to allow our creative life to unfold in a joyful way. I cannot recommend this experience enough Kerri is insightful, warm, and gentle in her approach while she delivers a most powerful message and the tools to accomplish what lies in our deepest desires.
— Janet P., NYC
I was feeling tossed-about, ungrounded and overwhelmed when I reached out to Kerri. She gave me insight about my own motivations, choices, and potential for growth and clarity through human design, and it helped me feel immediately more understood, more centered, and more capable.
— J. E. (NYC)
I recently received a remote UHP session from Kerri on the tail end of what seemed like a two-month long cold and at the commencement of production week for a large scale project. Kerri took the time with me at the start of the session to talk about my needs and what I hoped to get out of the session.

I work at a large, busy non-profit that requires a great deal of collaboration, and we identified that I was having an even more difficult time than usual with communication and decisiveness at work. She then “tuned in” to my body to begin to unearth and untangle any hidden knots that may have been hindering my success, talking with me about my experience and asking me questions along the way. At its core, the session felt like mental and emotional therapy prioritizing information held in my body, rather than exclusively focusing on information held in my mind.

I realized, during this session, that my body was holding onto old beliefs that were buried so deep that I’d forgotten they were there. I hadn’t even told Kerri about my everlasting cold, but wasn’t surprised when she described the connection between my immune system and the exact difficulties I’d been experiencing emotionally. Kerri uncovered these beliefs and turned them into lessons that I could acknowledge and release, rewiring my mind and body to take on new, more productive beliefs.

The lessons that Kerri made me aware of in this session were so accurate that I laughed, and perfectly timely— it was clear that these were the things that I was ready to tackle at this time in my life. I went into the production feeling energized and clear headed. It has been two weeks since the session, and I’ve noticed that projects involving team work and making big decisions have been smooth and effortless.

Kerri is such a joy to receive healing work from. She radiates joy, sincerity, honesty, and compassion, and creates an atmosphere of safety and comfort, even from across the country. I’m so grateful to Kerri for her work, and am looking forward to more sessions.
— Celina C., CA
Through working with Kerri I’ve experienced release from emotional pain, particularly deep-seated emotional and thought patterns. Kerri’s work is magnificent and otherworldly. She was able to tap into thoughts, feelings and emotional patterns in me that I have not shared with others.

I wasn’t expecting a shift in the work/career arena when we started, but during our 4th session my patterns of ‘filling up space’, ‘taking on extra work’, and doing more than I need to came up. I realized after the session that these deep-seated patterns have affected my health, burnout at work and general relationship to work/career. I am still processing the shifts and the insights and am unexpectedly finding this pattern come up in other aspects of my life. Kerri’s insights and healing work have truly empowered me and my relationship to my current work role and to how I show up in my life is shifting.

This has been a truly life-shifting experience. I have already recommended Kerri to multiple friends. Her work is truly a gift to humanity.
— - Mita P. (NYC)
I first knew Kerri as a writing guide, who valued, even cherished, the different perspectives of the writers in the online group she created and led. A couple of years later, I trusted her enough to enroll in a class she offered in how to befriend my body. I loved that online experience so much that I signed up for a chance to work with her further. As it turned out, I was in New York City, staying just a few short blocks away from her Lower East Side Manhattan studio, so I knew I was meant to meet her face-to-face and receive a UHP session with her.

Right from the start, I was grateful to be there. I’d had some stress traveling and visiting with an ill family member in the area. Kerri greeted me warmly and invited me to lie face up on her massage table. She gently took my left wrist into her hand, and I felt the love and connection immediately. She invited me to speak if I wanted to share anything, and she kept her attention fully on me, and my energies. That, in and of itself, was a compassionate and deeply comforting experience!

As she continued to tune in to my energies, I felt her attention and connection moving through me, creating a sense of my own awareness of myself. I felt both fully present and deeply cared for. She was patient with my body’s slow expression of itself through my wrist, and she checked in with me as the links unfolded. If I offered an idea of what the links were about, she was able to affirm or ask further until we both felt that my soul-level consciousness had been understood. As I experienced such a deep inner awareness, I was able to tune in to myself and to anticipate when she was receiving information about what my body-mind was ready to affirm and/or ready to release.

I related to the images that emerged through our interaction, and I took wonderful comfort in the “permissions” my body was asking that I give it, such as “I allow the still place to feel like home.” Together, we tuned up my liver, a key organ of organization, expression, and re-vitalization as she guided an energetic (wei chi) force field of love to protect it and an emotional wisdom font to fuel its decision-making processes about what in my life I could let go of (other people’s stuff) and what I could expand my life with (my own gifts.)

On the plane on the way home, I took comfort in repeating to myself the permission to move beyond, out of, any places stuck in old conditioning and into a world of possibility: “I give myself the permission that I need to evolve in each moment.”

Yes, I cried a couple of times during the session, which I am prone to do when I am in a tender place and feel a warm reception from another. When the tears started, she gently placed her hand on my tummy, showing me how to easily soothe and relax again. After the session, I hugged her and reported that although my trip to NYC was about seeing friends and family, I now realized that I had been guided to her studio, to her session, and thereby to my own release of ancient traumas. Whee! Thanks, Kerri. I am so grateful to you and for you.
— Rita D. (AL)