private sessions

Is it time to claim your full creative expression in the world?

Do you wish you could have full confidence in your voice?

Are you ready to finally put your business, art, writing, or workshops out there?

Do you feel like no one in your immediate community really understands the person you want to be in the world or knows how to support you in your full creativity and leadership?  

Have you felt nervous about truly stepping into sharing the woman you've become?

You know you’re meant to show up in a bigger way - to change lives with your work and inspire others to step more fully into their wholeness, but something's been holding you back. 

It's not your fault. Women have been trained to stay small - but not anymore.

If you are a woman who wants to make her presence known as a writer, creator, performer, leader or coach - it's your time.

Your time to commit to claiming your unique creative expression in the world.  

Your time to start taking big steps on a creative project or business that will lead to the aligned career you've always been looking for. 

Your time to claim your voice, your body, your creativity in service of what's most important to your soul. 

Your time to Grow your GUMPTION.

I help ambitious, spiritually-minded women reclaim their personal power and jumpstart their creative expression through the power of GUMPTION, Universal Health Principles sessions and Human Design.

But first things first.

What the heck is GUMPTION?

Well, gumption is: "spirited initiative and resourcefulness, boldness of enterprise, courage, spunk, guts, common sense."

And GUMPTION (with each letter standing for something) is a test, method and framework I developed that helps you get out of your head and into your body, so you can take aligned action that feels grounded, bold and guided by the infinite intelligence of your heart, gut, and mind working in harmony.


Because when we make decisions solely from our brain, we often get it wrong.

I've seen so many women go after the things they think they "should" do, or would be "smart" to do - but eventually, your body speaks up.

You become depressed, anxious, or feel like something's missing from life. You hold tension in weird places that you can't seem to let go of. You get injured or have chronic, unexplained illness. You keep secrets because of shame and suddenly you can't sing without pain, or find yourself becoming a smaller and smaller version of you.

All of the unhealthy scenarios above are part of my story. I had spent almost my whole life hating my body - everything it was and everything it wasn't. A decade of moving in and out of eating disorders and never getting real treatment made my body a battleground, unable to be trusted. 

It was painful to exist on every level.

But then I had a breakthrough.

Sort of.

I actually had a 5 year journey that started with being unable to sing without pain. I was an aspiring singer/songwriter, who had just graduated college and recorded an album. My plan was to tour and step by step build my audience and my business. Suddenly, my throat hurt and my dreams were over. 

When that happened, I inexplicably became obsessed with the word gumption. Something deep within me knew that gumption was the key I had been looking for - that those letters held what was missing from my health, my career and creative life. 

I'll save you the story of all the iterations gumption went through (because there were a lot of them!) Each experiment I tried got me a little bit closer, until suddenly, I had built up enough confidence, health and experiential knowledge that I really did have a breakthrough. 

I was invited to perform my spoken word poem, "When I Have GUMPTION" at the Omega Women & Power Retreat. It was one of the most energizing, connected, meaningful moments of my life, using my voice and facility with language to inspire others. 

The secret to GUMPTION was in that moment. Looking back on it, I realized I was:

Grounded - I knew who I was and who I was talking to.

Up - I was stepping into the next best version of myself.

Muscle - I was using my muscle, my skills I had developed over years of writing and performing.

Play/Pleasure - I was having a blast, feeling good in my body and excited to be there.

Truth - I was speaking my whole-hearted truth, with to-the-core conviction.

Inspiration - I was inspired by the event, the women around me - and myself.

Om - I was connected to the bigger picture of how I want the world to be, and feeling part of it ALL.

Now - I was completely in the moment, a flow state of personal power and connection to others and my source.


I was fully connected - mind, body, spirit and voice, a true vessel for my unique work in the world.

I believe that every woman can access this state of personal power and expression guided by spirit. I believe that as women, it is our unique opportunity to merge masculine and feminine energies into expression that has the power to change lives. I believe that we're ready to claim our voices in a bigger, yet more grounded way than we ever have before. 

Once I unlocked what each letter of GUMPTION stood for, the picture unfolded quickly for me. I could use GUMPTION as a test to determine if a project (in business or my creative life) I was considering was really aligned with my whole self, or if it only came from my head. 

At the same time, I could develop my GUMPTION through embodiment exercises, becoming more and more aligned with my body's perspective, feeling the power, pleasure, connection and inspiration that is always available through my physical form.  I could use that energy to make progress toward expressing my unique work, showing up when it was hard, and really being able to enjoy the moment when it was my time to step into a leadership role.

I began helping other women develop creative and marketing projects that passed The GUMPTION Test, including the new narrative podcast ArtistCEO with Shannon DeJong (a story about integrating the business and the artistic self into one being.)

I started teaching GUMPTION exercises to women, helping them access the state of feeling energized, bold and ready to take action (while losing the guilt, the forcing it and all of those hustle it out mindsets that seem to work for men - at least for awhile - but have never truly resonated with feminine cycles.) I taught 8-week classes, and GUMPTION Goddess warm ups and honed in on all the powerful ways to use this system.

And now I’m bringing that knowledge to you in a 1-on-1 capacity because I like to see progress happen. Real, embodied progress.

Here’s what it looks like:

You + me meeting three times a month online (or in person if you’re in NYC) for 6 months, focused on completing one big creative project or step up in your leadership. in a mix of GUMPTION sessions that focus on the doing (masculine) and guidance sessions that focus on being (feminine).

All of my coaching is human design informed, which means that we work with your natural energetic profile for moving through the world with the most ease and making decisions based on your authority (ie: decisions that don’t come from your brain, but a deeper place within). Decisions that you can trust.

Our first session is a deep dive

where we get really clear about your internal connection to your business or creative project + why it's aligned for you with the help of The GUMPTION Test. This creates a deeper, more embodied connection to your project while also uncovering any areas that are feeling sticky or not quite right. During this session, I help coach you through any of those sticky places to find solutions or at least, avenues for questioning that will allow you to come to your own solutions.

This time helps us truly get on the same page and helps me learn about ALL of your unique considerations and help you stay accountable to your truest expression of self.

The next week, we have a 60-minute UHP session and check in, where we make sure you’re on track, talk about any updates or insights you’ve had since our meeting and dive into the guidance part of this program.

Universal Health Principles = Innate Guidance from your Body

In our first guidance session, I tune into your system energetically and ask your body where communication is ready to improve. The information that comes through weaves a story about the shifts that are ready to occur within your being. We use tapping, emotional processing, imagery and unique-to-you-permissions (kind of like mantras, but more powerful!) to create a shift in energy and consciousness that allows you to move beyond what previously felt like a block. 

I NEVER diagnose what’s “wrong” with you because I don’t believe that there is anything wrong with you - there’s only an opportunity for stress to leave your system and for fresh communication (and supportive neural pathways) to fuel your wholeness, harmony, and radiance.

Why this approach?

Straight up coaching is great, essential even, if you want to do something you’ve never done before - BUT it’s only part of the equation. What I do is mix coaching with a healing + expansion modality (UHP) method, which is based on harnessing the innate intelligence of our bodies to create ease, flow & power.

UHP sessions give you exactly what you need in that particular moment, which is not something that you or I determine. 

This can be challenging because we often want things to move fast and on the timetable of our mind. We get totally trapped in what we “think should happen” or what we put pressure on ourselves to achieve. 

But more often than not, our energetic system is not up to speed with all of those thoughts. Either because it needs to process the stress, fear and limiting beliefs around those thoughts and desires, AND/OR - because it has a better way. 

A more easeful way. 

A more true pursuit.

It’s so easy for our ambition to get in the way of our deepest truth. Universal Health Principles™ sessions help reveal your truth at the soul level and guide you on the path of least resistance. 

In other words, sessions get you out of your head and into your wholeness. The most powerful place you can work from. 

By slowing down and taking the time to listen to what your *body* knows its ready for, life and your creations start to unfold with much more ease. You begin to trust yourself, your timing, and have access to a deeper wisdom. You feel the magic of your existence and perfect unfolding. 

My clients say all the time, “These sessions are magical!” And they are. Together, we’re tapping into the interconnected web of the universe in a moment where it is all about YOU. Your potential to shift yourself and the collective through shifting your consciousness. This isn’t child’s play - but it’s a lot of f*ing fun!

Some sessions will feel like a heavy release, burrowing down to some of your root issues that started in childhood. Some sessions will feel like champagne and snacks on an early summer sunset cruise with your beloved. Some will feel like a big fat YES. THIS IS THE CLARITY I’VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR!! All of them will offer you exactly what you need to shift to a more empowered perspective in that moment. 

What happens after our first two sessions?

We keep on with the schedule, alternating between GUMPTION + guidance each week!

85-minute GUMPTION weeks are work sessions where we dig into what you’re creating. I help you get clear and make real progress on your goals. Think, troubleshooting anywhere you’ve gotten stuck - from writing your website copy, to creating a content plan, or strategizing how you’re going to launch.

What we work on depends on whether you’re working on a creative project or building a business. If there isn’t an actual action item to work on, we’ll dive into exercises like getting super clear on what your needs and desires are, uncovering any emotions or old stories and patterns that are holding you back, and shifting you into a more empowered perspective.

Before our work starts, we’ll agree on a doable outcome that you’re looking for by the end of our time together - and I will coach you and work with you to make sure you stay on track.

GUMPTION + guidance begins at $500/month (what’s described above), or more if I’m directing (one woman show/projects that require in person days). I like to have a conversation with any interested person to see where you’re at, if we’re a good fit and to potentially customize the package based on your needs. If the project is less intensive, we can potentially work within a lower budget, but I won’t try to sell you on something that won’t actually get you where you’re looking to go! Wanna chat? Email me at with the subject GUMPTION + guidance.