Coach for Creatives
& Business Owners


I'm Kerri Van Kirk. I help you create in life, art, & business from the center of who you really are. 

Using a mix of Human Design based coaching, intuitive healing work, strategy, accountability and planning, plus tools to enhance emotional, physical and mental health, I work with my clients where they are and help them get where they're going with more ease, enjoyment & alignment.

I help you follow your truth into the projects, career opportunities and collaborative partnerships that fuel your soul - and help you make them real too, if you need a creative partner and not just a coach. 

My work has a deep foundation in emotional health and well-being. I help my clients enjoy the journey of their lives, not just make the next milestone.



Work Together -

I help writers, creatives & entrepreneurs leave behind their ordinary and truly thrive in life, art & business.

Coach for Creatives & Business Owners

I can help you:

- Connect with your authentic self and creative purpose.
- Develop habits that are aligned with your energy and support your goals and intentions in creativity, well-being, life, health and business. 
- Process limiting beliefs and emotions that have held you back from creating what you truly want in life, business & writing/art.
- Feel connected to your inner guidance, intuition and trust in your own judgment and decision-making.
- Navigate challenges and setbacks with grace and resilience and learn from your experiences.
 - Feel supported as you take actions in alignment with your values, purpose and vision for the life you truly want. 

“Right before the new year rolled around I knew I had a final layer of fear to shed, but wasn’t quite sure how to go about it, so I asked the Universe for a sign/help and within a matter of days after I was serendipitously connected with Kerri. At that point I hadn’t ever heard of Inner Upgrades, but as soon as I Kerri mentioned what it was about I knew it was my help from the Universe. Kerri immediately tapped into my energy and helped me process and peel back the final layer of fear I needed to shed and then helped guide me through a few “permissions” my soul was ready to step into.

Since our session my life has done a complete 180 in the best possible way and I know looking back Kerri played a major role in helping me get where I am today. Kerri's work is absolutely magical. I feel everyone should experience it at least once in their life. We’re all made up of energy and sometimes energy gets trapped and Kerri has a beautiful way of finding where it’s at and helping it pass.” - Sarah

I'm a singer-songwriter &
 storyteller that writes and performs original material for
 intimate, aligned audiences. 

I'm a singer-songwriter & storyteller that writes and performs original material for
 intimate, aligned audiences. 

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