Coach. Healer. Confidant.


When you're being asked to step into a whole new level of yourself creatively, emotionally and spiritually - I'm by your side.

Helping you move through change & uncertainty and emerge with true inspiration and vitality in your life, health and work.



Work Together -

I help high level creatives, thought leaders & entrepreneurs move through fear, change & uncertainty so they can emerge more whole & harmonious than ever before.

Coach for Creatives & Business Owners

Whether you're...

Burnt out and knowing that the way you've been working isn't working anymore...

About to write your next book and feeling stuck and scared of not getting it done on time...

Making the transition from successful entrepreneur to mother, and excited, yet terrified of what that change will bring...

Being slowed down by an illness or injury that is bringing up your biggest fears and forcing you to rethink everything...

I know that life is working FOR you. Not against you. 

I'm here to help you see that. To help you make the choices you need to make. To help you feel what needs to be felt so you can be freer and more fulfilled than you've ever been. 

“Kerri’s work is magnificent and otherworldly. She was able to tap into thoughts, feelings and emotional patterns in me that I have not shared with others.

Kerri’s insights and healing work have truly empowered me and my relationship to my current work role and to how I show up in my life is shifting.

Through working with Kerri I’ve experienced release from emotional pain, particularly deep-seated emotional and thought patterns. This has been a truly life-shifting experience. I have already recommended Kerri to multiple friends. Her work is truly a gift to humanity.” - Mita

I'm a singer-songwriter &
 storyteller that writes and performs original material for
 intimate, aligned audiences. 

I'm a singer-songwriter & storyteller that writes and performs original material for
 intimate, aligned audiences. 

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AS A Creative myself...