My heart lies with the insatiable creatives, the yellow roman candle women, the ones who ran fast and fought the boys and played in the dirt (or always wanted to!). 

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Who thought they were Pocahontas, or wanted to be Pocahontas, or climbed trees and named them their ship and drew what was in their imagination for hours sitting on the perfect-for-them branch of a willow tree, sparkling.

The women that then grew up and weren't satisfied with a survival job, but wanted fulfillment in all aspects of their creative careers - so they got to work. Building their own business, making themselves known as a freelancer, or finding a place for themselves within the coolest, most aligned companies they could. Teaching, directing, advising, writing, producing, making it happen!

Or started studying what they wanted while working survival jobs in the meantime to make it work, never forgetting that they were meant for something more. 

The ones with GUMPTION!

But also the ones that tend to be hard on themselves, highly sensitive (that's why they're so creative and attuned!), perfectionistic, struggling with how they fit into a world that couldn't even imagine their existence, let alone support it properly. 

I use UHP sessions, online learning groups and transformational programs to make their lives easier, richer, and more inspiring.

To make your life easier, richer and more inspiring.

With as much relaxation and adventure as you crave. 

Imagine - being able to rest and invite the muse in (she’ll put you to work soon enough!) - your actions sparking from joy and curiosity instead of a tired sigh around “what must be done…”

I work with creative women who refuse to let self-doubt stand in their way. The ones who are finally ready to master their minds, bodies and energy to create their great works of art AND a life and career they love. Who are sick of their own BS and ready to become true creative vessels, on fire and on their way.

I use methods and modalities that strip away all the bullshit, everything that isn’t true, and bring you back to yourself - tapping you into your own inner wisdom, inner genius, sense of connection and support from the universe.

Creation is built into the female body, but so few women know how to leverage it. I’m here to bring you back to yourself and give you the skills to live your true essence and power.

Because a woman like you - in her power - will change the world. A woman like you - trusting herself - has better ideas than I could ever grasp. A woman like you - connected to her body and her heart - won't let the sun go down on a decade of her life without making something incredible happen that only she could create.

I just help you get there faster. With more ease. And a lot more fun. 

You ready?

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I primarily work in 1-on-1 sessions and in a six-week group coaching program called The Upgrade that gives you the foundation you need to thrive, mixing Human Design, UHP and my GUMPTION method. Learn more about The Upgrade here (admission is rolling, so let me know you are interested, we’ll find a date and get a group together!) and visit this page for more info about 1-on-1 sessions.