1/3 manifestor with
emotional  authority  

In Human Design, I'm a 1/3 Emotional Manifestor with the Right Angle Cross of Eden.

Essentially, I easily help my clients get new initiatives off the ground (whether that's a new business, book,  solo show, a job search, or reinventing their work life) as I attune to their needs personally and in relationship to their vision for their work in the world. I naturally bring an energy of honoring the inner radiance of each individual, knowing that what is life-giving within a person leads to enjoyable, sustainable results for a business, within a career, or as a creative.

Also, I'm not afraid to sit in the center of a crisis :)

Human Design

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Where I'm At Right Now

Also...I'm an artist.

I moved from NYC to coastal Maine at the end of 2020 and absolutely love it.

Everyone always asks me if it was hard to leave New York City. Of course it was hard to leave (though having been through 9 months of a pandemic certainly helped). But most importantly, a vision of our new home was calling us forward - and we appreciate it every single day (and especially on days like in this photo where we go out to ocean, climb on rocks and catch the sunset!) Do I wish I was closer to a major airport? Sure. Do I also exclaim to my husband in a mock Will Ferrell character voice that
"I LOVE ROUND POND!" at least once a day? Um. Yes.

I'm deeply passionate about reinventing our relationship to work. Inspired by The Reinvention of Work: A New Vision of Livelihood for Our Time by Matthew Fox, (he wrote this book in the 90s!) which is why I'm also the co-founder of Illuminate Work - a business that helps women start putting their values FIRST in work, instead of last and attune to more sustainable rhythms as they pursue careers they love.

I've always been an artist, generally working in big projects like one woman shows and poetry albums. My next project is to perform a handful of my songs with a band (I'm used to flying solo!) in fall of 2022!

I'm a creative soul in an infinitely intelligent body. (And so are you.)

I love business and I love first-person art.

I study Human Design mechanics over breakfast, afternoon coffee and sometimes late at night (not all in the same day - usually!).

I like to think that I refused to be born for years (sorry, Mom!) because I was waiting for the internet to arrive - and for cutting edge consciousness in the business world to catch up with where I wanted to go. 

I suffered a psychosomatic health crisis at 22, which changed the entire trajectory of my life (from singer/songwriter to entrepreneur).

I was a tomboy who couldn't stand being female until I reckoned with it and healed my relationship to my body in my twenties.

I'm the founder of GUMPTION Method and the Co-Founder of Illuminate Work - a business that helps women create work lives that feel sustainable, joyful and inspired.

I have been blessed to learn from many female mentors in my life and in my work. The education they gave me is irreplaceable and sacred. I hope I gave a bit of that back to them too. 

Being in integrity with myself and others is the most important thing to me. It reflects wholeness, harmony & radiance - three of my favorite words to describe what my work is about. 

My name is Kerri Van Kirk. I've answered to many titles throughout my career as I
co-created with my clients. Healer, Coach and Confidant. Human Design Guide & Catalyst, Storyteller, Copywriter, Content Strategist, Podcast Producer, Teacher, Practical Mystic, Ghostwriter, Entrepreneur... I think that about covers it ;)

Watch the full show here on Youtube.