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How many times have you just rolled out of bed and gone straight to instagram, then immediately feel guilty as the two hour morning practices from your favorite wellness gurus start rolling in? You start to think that your lifestyle, or your work situation can’t truly accommodate the self-care they say you need because you don’t have the time. 

What we forget is the SELF in self-care. Your aspirational morning ritual isn’t helping you if it never gets done, or makes you feel inadequate - or even bored.

What you need is a way to get energized, connected and focused through a ritual that feels good to you - one that can move with you over different times and stages of your life and change as you change. 

I’m Kerri Van Kirk and I’ve developed a framework for a daily ritual that helps you get connected to yourself mind-body-spirit - in 10 minutes or less if you want.

The GUMPTION warm up is totally customizable for you. I give you the framework and you fill in what grounded means for you and what inspired looks like to you, today. This framework allows you to really practice listening to your body and what you need right now. In this way, you start to become your own teacher - your own healer - your own coach. 

This is definitely a feminine, holistic approach to self-care, but has enough guidance and structure to make showing up for your practice feel easy.

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