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The Upgrade is everything that no one knew how to teach you - because they didn’t know it themselves.

A transmission of practical knowledge (derived from universal principles) that shows you the steps to embodying your full radiance.

Unique-to-you guidance (and life-changing perspective shifts) based on your individual human design AND what your body + heart is asking for right now.

My name is Kerri Van Kirk and I am an explorer of ecstasy.

A connoisseur of Bliss. Peace. Passion. Radiance. Love.

& Truth.

The deep kind of feel-it-in-my-bones truth, breakthroughs-on-top-of-breakthroughs truth, I-was-lost-but-now-I’m-found truth.

The kind of truth that is no one’s opinion, but that gets to the core of you.

And by doing so, allows you to feel the ecstasy of living who you truly are.




Made of energy, atoms and stardust, skating on an earth ride, learning how to wield love, power and passion with grace.

Perfectly imperfect, setting you own damn pace.

Tell me - how well have you been equipped for your ride here on planet earth?

Did anyone ever tell you that it isn’t wise to make decisions with your mind?

Did anyone ever teach you how to love yourself unconditionally, completely, without hesitation?

Did anyone ever show you the glory of what it is to be in a body, lit up from the inside-out by the overflow of your own soul glowing???

And did they teach you how to practice that feeling so it becomes the majority of your days??

I’m guessing not so much.

I’m guessing not enough.

Welcome to the first 40 days of the rest of your life - upgraded.

I am a seeker. An explorer. I’ve spent my entire adult life on a path of personal and universal understanding. A path of healing, forgiving, crying, creating, rejecting, searching, loving and learning. I’ve been led to some of the most cutting edge insights and modalities for personal growth, health and happiness out there and I’ve been gifted with the GUMPTION method, which I did not “create” but discovered in the clues of books, ancient teachings and the experience of my own body.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars, tens of thousands of hours, millions and millions of words ingested later, I am here and ready to teach.

Not that I’m new to teaching (in fact, I started “teaching” my AP Psychology class in 10th grade when the real teacher shattered his heel and I couldn’t bear to sit and watch the subs who lacked all passion just give us notes!). I’m not new to teaching, facilitating or coaching, but I’ve never put my knowledge together in such a comprehensive, life-changing and digestible course.

These tools are foundational. They will last you a lifetime. They will take you years to master, but you will feel their benefit instantly.

Welcome to The Upgrade.

6 fellow upgraders

6 video lessons

6 morning practice videos

6 small group coaching calls

Six weeks of unyielding support in helping you understand yourself & embody your wholeness, harmony and radiance.

Human Design

Universal Health Principles


Human Design:

What is it? The most comprehensive, cutting edge system available that uses astrology, the I-Ching, Kabbalah and Chakra system to create a map of your body that explains how you best exchange energy with the world (ie: take action) and make decisions. It can tell you what parts of life you feel secure in, and what parts you are likely to be overly influenced by others in. Having this information is the fastest way to start trusting yourself. In this course, you will receive a deep understanding of the three most important parts of your chart. The things that any human design coach would have you master before you get into the fancy details. (Type, Strategy, and Authority, with even more info on your undefined centers!)

Universal Health Principles:

What is it? An energetic expansion and healing modality that processes stuck emotion like fear, sadness and anger from your body and shifts your consciousness into feeling completely supported by your body and the universe. By taking time to acknowledge and feel the “negative” feelings and face subconscious beliefs that have been holding you back in a supportive environment, they are finally able to let go and leave your body.

In this program, you will receive individual UHP “links” that help you move through whatever stuck-ness you are feeling in the moment. You will also be receiving the benefit from the links of your fellow upgraders! Yes, every body is unique, but we also often have similar fears, worries and belief systems that are holding us back.


What is it? A framework for stepping into your radiance on a daily basis. GUMPTION as a word means ‘spirited initiative and resourcefulness, boldness of enterprise, courage, spunk, guts’ and it’s been a guiding force in my life since I lost my voice and my world got turned upside down when I was 22. I knew there was a clue in the letters of GUMPTION and grew to realize that GUMPTION matches up with the chakra system, an ancient map of some of the most important energies in your body and in the universe. I use GUMPTION as an acronym - get Grounded, get Up, get Muscle, get Pleasure/Play, get Truth, get Inspiration, get Om and get Now to help you tap into your wholeness, harmony and radiance on a daily basis through the GUMPTION warm up. Which I will teach you in a step by step (very manageable way!) and you will have practice videos to take you through it for the rest of your life as a guide and reminder! (The full GUMPTION warm up is AMAZING if you do it every day, but most realistically used in it’s entirety before special events or meetings that you really need to be “on” for - or as a reminder of your purpose before you step into working for yourself! I give you more subtle options to connect to your radiance through it on a daily basis in the program).


Each week you get a video lesson, a daily practice and a question/experiment to take through your week, plus our 90-minute - 2 hour group coaching call. (Yes, they will be recorded!) You will get your videos via Slack and we can chat there as well!


Week 1: knowledge & awareness - The Foundation of the Foundation

Video: Introduction to GUMPTION. The mind-body-spirit method for embodying your true self. 

Coaching Call: Getting to Know You + Getting to Know Yourself. The Power of Self-Knowledge and Awareness. Group UHP Links, Setting Intentions & Q&A.

Week 2: Polarity - Stillness & Motion

Video: Grounded and Up! Diving into the first two letters of the GUMPTION Method.

Coaching Call: Human Design - Part 1. Your Unique Strategy For Moving Through Life Unencumbered.

Week 3: Balance - Action + receptivity

Video: Muscle and Play/Pleasure! Diving into the 3rd and 4th letters of the GUMPTION Method.

Coaching Call: Check ins/discoveries and Universal Health Principles Individual Links.

Week 4: revelation - Internal and External

Video: Truth and Inspiration! Diving into the 5th and 6th letters of the GUMPTION Method.

Coaching Call: Human Design # 2 - Authority. Using your authority to make decisions.

Week 5: Infinite - Connection and Presence

Video: Om and Now! Diving into the 7th and 8th letters of the GUMPTION Method.

Coaching Call: Human Design #3 - Defined and Undefined Centers. Where You’re Consistent and Where You Get Tripped Up.

Week 6: Completion - Purpose and Radiance

Video: The complete GUMPTION Method. Activating Your Purpose.

Coaching Call: Universal Health Principles Individual Links to help you embody the next level of your purpose.


30 minute 1-1 call with me halfway through the program to keep you on track, answer your Q’s, get bonus 1-1 UHP and human design insight.


$450, payment plans available.

Final word:

If you have a hard time trusting yourself. If you think you’re too much - or not enough. If you are continuously hard on yourself and think things like “I’m the worst” “I’m stupid” “Nothing ever works out for me” more often than you’d like to admit. If you don’t know what your purpose is. If you feel out of integrity with how you’re showing up in the world. If you haven’t been able to take your life to the next level on your own. If you don’t know how to feel good in your body or clear in your mind…The Upgrade is for you. Invest in the foundation you need to thrive. If you feel that this is for you - the time is now.

Apply Now

My favorite way to chat with you is over instagram DM or Facebook messenger. (We get to use a phone audio feature that way!)

Message me on one of those platforms saying hey, I wanna join the Upgrade! We’ll chat a bit, I can answer any questions and then if it’s a good fit, I’ll send over the registration page :)


What time will the group calls be? The next Upgrade group begins on Tuesday, October 1st - November 9th. Weekly calls at 7:30pm EST.

What if I already know my human design? Awesome! My question is do you feel like you’re living it? You will be learning human design information here, but the emphasis is on practicing using it in your life and being accountable to me and the group for experimenting! We focus on mastering strategy, authority and the lessons of your open centers because those are the most fundamental parts. If you truly have a grasp over those three things, you’re ahead of 99% of the population!

What if I don’t know anything about human design? No worries! All you need is your birth date, location and exact time to get your free chart. This is what I will be using to help give unique to you guidance. Through the six weeks, you will learn exactly what you need to know about your human design to start making the most of it.

How do I know if this program is for me? These tools are foundational and work for anyone who is open to them and fed up with feeling out of control, strangled by their emotions, (stemming from past trauma or that seemingly come out of nowhere) and being at war with their body. That said, creative, spiritually-minded women in their twenties to late fifties tend to resonate with my work the most and smart, creative, verbal women tend to love Universal Health Principles and get the most out of it. If you aren’t sure, send in your application and let me know you’d like to speak and we’ll set something up!

Got another Q?

Send me a message and ask me a question on social or at!

Some fun facts about my human design: My line 1 in human design means I’m obsessed with strong foundations. That’s why this course is putting together the 3 modalities and systems that have helped me the most. That I return to again and again. That I base my life around.

My incarnation cross is all about the garden of eden (like, finding the garden of eden for myself and then bringing it to you). Hence, wholeness - harmony - radiance - let’s do this!!

My energy type is a Manifestor, which means I’m here to initiate and spark ideas, growth and transformation in everyone I come into contact with that vibes with me. My authority is emotional, which is helpful because emotions are one of the most misunderstood pieces of life, yet 50% of the population has emotional authority!

apply now

My favorite way to chat with you is over instagram DM or Facebook messenger. (We get to use a phone audio feature that way!)

Message me on one of those platforms saying hey, I wanna join the Upgrade! We’ll chat a bit, I can answer any questions and then if it’s a good fit, I’ll send over the registration page :)


Kerri is a wonderful source of encouragement and grounding. Her GUMPTION acronym is genius.
Kerri provides a method to gather our resources both internal and external on a deeply spiritual, physical and emotional level. In a safe and nurturing group, we all discovered more about what blocks us in our paths and what we can do to allow our creative life to unfold in a joyful way. I cannot recommend this experience enough Kerri is insightful, warm, and gentle in her approach while she delivers a most powerful message and the tools to accomplish what lies in our deepest desires.
— Janet P. (NYC)