1/3 manifestor with emotional authority.  

In my Human Design, my only definition is the G Center and Solar Plexus to the Throat!

I'm Right Angle Cross of Eden, with Gate 1- Creative Self-Expression in my Moon and Pluto. My conscious sun is Gate 12 in the Quarter of Initiation.

Want to know what all this means? Check out my episode in The Cleaner I Get dissecting my Human Design and why you might want to know your own mechanics this deeply here.

In western astrology, I'm a Gemini Sun, Cancer Rising, Pisces Moon with Chiron on my Ascendant. 

Human Design + Astrology

The Core of It

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Where I'm At Right Now

Some Creative Project Highlights


I moved from NYC to coastal Maine at the end of 2020 and now consider myself retired - retired from all that is not life-giving to my soul. 

Maybe it was moving away from my Mars line in Astrocartography, maybe it’s being surrounded by retirees and summer people and those drawn to "the way life should be", but this life - of creativity and healing, slow homemaking and rocky coastline - suits me. 

I do not have a child - yet. But intend to in the not-so-distant.

I am always in a personal creative cycle or rest cycle - until the next project comes through. Many of these projects, thus far, have been related to losing my ability to sing without pain at 22 years old, as I was about to become a full-time independent singer-songwriter. Losing my voice is the grief of my life, as well as what opened me to magic and healing and human design. And still, it hurts. Some days, it rips me apart what was never meant to be. It rips me open and forces me to surrender, again and again, to the beautiful life that is in front of me. 

What seems to be stirring next is training my voice again so I can record my songs, perhaps even filming the process along the way. More on that soon, as it develops. 

I'm an explorer of ecstatic, heart-opening, damn-that-hurts-so-good truth.

The deep kind of feel-it-in-my-bones truth, makes-me-cry-when-I-feel-it truth,
I-was-lost-but-now-I’m-found truth.

The kind of truth that is no one’s opinion, but expresses the evolving core of me. Leading me to surrender more and more to who I really am and what I really want in the season of life that I'm in. 

This evolving truth expresses through me in art, business, creative projects, food,  movement/exercise and spirituality. 

The only constant in my life has been needing to do it my own way.

Needing to express my creativity + purpose in everything I do. 

Needing to be as much of MYSELF as I am able to at any given moment, despite trauma, setbacks, judgement (from self and others) and "what's normal" or "how we do things here".

My healing work got sparked by a crisis. When I was 22, I literally lost my ability to sing and sometimes speak without pain. That stopped my DIY singer-songwriter career in it's tracks and sent me into the personal development work I do now - as well as creating one woman shows and narrative podcasts about my journey to heal. 

My name is Kerri Van Kirk. In my work, I'm a Human Design Catalyst, Coach, Healer and founder of GUMPTION™ Method. 

As a creative, I’m a poet, storyteller, podcaster and singer/songwriter.

As a human, I’m a truth-seeker, practical mystic and wife. I live in Midcoast
Maine with roots in  North Carolina + NYC.