I'm Kerri Van Kirk:

Hey there!

My background as a content strategist, podcast producer, and copywriter/ghostwriter for women-led businesses in the coaching and branding industry, as well as being a spiritually connected coach, energy healer and Human Design expert, makes me the perfect partner to help you get unstuck and finally make your ideas a reality. Right now? I'm offering a 12-month 1:1 write your book program, The Breakthrough.

Are NOT 

Are NOT 

You know it, I know it, & likely, your partner/spouse/best friend/dog/spirit guide knows it.

If you've got an idea (or unfinished drafts) of a creative project that you are being called to fulfill - I would love to help.

With over a decade of experience - from books, to podcasts, to Kickstarter campaigns, to musicals, to albums, to coaching programs, to websites to one woman shows - I have the skill and intuition to take your project to from idea to reality.

I understand the pain of not being able to fulfill your creative vision or live up to your potential. My hard skills help you get the job done, while my facilitation skills in energy healing, coaching and intuition help move stuck energy more quickly (and enjoyably) than you could on your own.

FOLLOWING the call of your creative purpose IS A SACRED, IRREVERENT, EXPLOSIVE, LIFE-AFFIRMING act that has the potential to transform not only the world, but also your perception of yourself.  

 I MAKE SURE YOU don't miss out on yOUR own magic. 


I help you bring your most
meaningful creative work to life, beautifully & courageously.

I work with you, your vision and the spirit of your project to facilitate a deeply satisfying & personally transformative
creative EXPERIENCE.

One that ALLOWS YOU to see and HEAR YOUR GLORIOUS TRUTH - and publicly live into an identity that will serve you for years to come.

In other words...

"Thank goodness for Kerri Van Kirk! For months, I had been agonizing over a project, struggling to complete it and feeling quite stuck in the process. From the moment I first met with Kerri, I knew that I was in the right hands. Not only is she gentle, warm and engaging, but she is also extremely organized, professional, laser-focused, intuitive and wise. With Kerri, I was able to relax and allow the magic to unfold. In just a few sessions, she helped me to weave the loose threads of the project into a beautiful, complete tapestry. I am forever grateful for Kerri's help."
 - Leslie Hyland Rodgers,
  Solo Performer, Singer & Songwriter

INTENSELY SERIOUS - all at the same time ;)

1-1 Work

Right now, I'm offering a 12-month 1:1 Book Writing Program, The Breakthrough. Spaces available to begin February 2024. 

If you're seeking a creative partner & coach to jumpstart you and provide practical + energetic support along the way of completing your project and becoming the thought leader and artist/writer you are ready to be - I invite you to connect.

Each project and creator is uniquely different and has distinct needs and desires. I specialize in business and thought leadership endeavors like books, podcasts and websites, and artistically, one person shows, performances, and personal narrative/memoir.

If you're working on something other than a book, custom 1-1 work starts with filling out a questionnaire so I can learn about your project and intentions. Based on your form, we'll set up a meeting to discuss further and I can propose options!


Hey Kerri! Nothing urgent - just wanted to drop in and say I had a quick overview of the copy you've got so far and WOMAN!! IT IS AMAZING!! I don't say that lightly - I'm a bit of a stickler for good copy, and I find a lot of people don't do it well. And this is some of the best I've seen. Thank you so much for bringing your energy to this project. I'm so truly excited for the impact it will have on the community!" - Anonymous


 With the benefit of your audience in mind.

With the innate intelligence
of your project.

In alignment with your
 Deepest Truth.

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What is your background?

I got my professional start as a right hand woman, virtual assistant, copywriter and strategist for women led coaching businesses. I’ve listened to thousands of hours of business and entrepreneurship podcasts and I literally think in web pages and email sequences. I've also been a ghostwriter, co-writer and editor for a handful of books!

My artistic background began in dance, theater, and co-creating the school tv show #lovedit. (I graduated from the North Carolina School of the Arts high school program and the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU with a BFA in Acting). At the end of college, I became a singer-songwriter and performed in NYC before losing my voice and being unable to sing without pain - which is what led me to helping female entrepreneurs while I healed. Since then, I've created poetry albums, narrative podcasts and one woman shows as a solo artist. 

I don’t like to call myself a business coach because I’m not one…but I am definitely, without a doubt, a business creator and valuable resource on your way to clarity + personal expression + service in your biz. If you haven't noticed, there are a million business coaches out there, but not many creative midwives that will go in the trenches with you. The combination of artistic and entrepreneurial skill is what makes me unique. Oh yeah, and my ability to tune into your energy field and untangle energetic patterns that have been keeping you from expressing your creative power fully in the world. ;)

“Working with Kerri was amazing. I felt totally safe and relaxed. As she began to communicate with my body she found old wounds that needed clearing, limiting beliefs that needed to be released as well as joy to align with. After the session I felt a surge of creative ideas. I felt lifted and clearer. The combination of UHP and coaching with Kerri as your guide is an invaluable healing tool that is well worth your time.”
                     - Linda B. CT
               Composer, Performer
                           & Playwright

"Kerri’s power lies in her exquisite grace and serenity. What’s most impressive to me is her non-dualistic approach: she offers methods that allow for both flow and structure - i.e. gentle allowing/surrendering and at the same time, structuring and planning.

Her tools unite body/mind, feminine/masculine with creative practices that encourage wholeness, authenticity, inspiration and joy. The result of her techniques might best be described as “flowing structures” or “playful discipline” which produce optimal conditions that allow for creativity to flourish.

I truly cherish the work I’ve been doing with Kerri and it is a privilege to be working with her. She brings great depth, intuition and compassion to each session. I consider Kerri my creative midwife helping me birth the artist that has always been inside me but feels too afraid to come out.”                   
- Deborah Zafman, Performative Lecturer & Art Evangelist

"Kerri is an incredibly gifted coach and healer. Her ability to hold space and intuitively guide you through your process is unmatched. Before working with Kerri, I was working through some limiting beliefs such as "needing to do it all on my own" and feeling lost and confused.

Through UHP, Human Design, and Kerri's embodied listening, I was able to accept myself exactly as I am, gain so much clarity and understanding, and truly give myself permission to be the person I already am.

Kerri has this presence that I trusted immediately which is so key while doing this vulnerable, personal work. Anytime old wounds would come up throughout our sessions such as guilt or shame, she guided me into a softening to accept my light as well as my shadow. Thank you, Kerri!"
- Leya (writer/podcaster/coach)

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