What is Human Design?

HUMAN DESIGN HELPS YOU UNDERSTAND who you truly are and what works for you.

Human Design shows you who you were before the world started telling you who to be. It's a map of your unique energy signature that reflects back your deepest truth, as well as unhelpful patterns that have been making life difficult. By understanding your Human Design, you can see what is working, natural, and part of your creative + career + soul journey - and what you can leave behind. 

Through understanding yourself at this level, you make better decisions, feel more relaxed and at peace around your path in creativity, business, career, parenting, relationships or art and can more easily see what is beautiful and unique about you. 

"Three summers ago Kerri Van Kirk did a human design reading for me that profoundly shifted the trajectory of my business for the better. By looking at some of the more nuanced material and communicating it to me in a way that felt intuitive, not just learned, she was able to help me illuminate the kind of leadership that was most natural to me and aligned with my design so I could lean into it.

This has impacted the way I communicate and present myself in the world as well as affirming an inner philosophy I’ve always had around radical generosity and the way that that works to bring me and those around me exactly what I need.

Kerri’s highly gifted and intuitive and our relationship spans about 7 years. I highly recommend her to other leaders and CEO’s who are seeking clear energetic support and insight." - Tanya Rubinstein, Founder of Somatic Writing

Human Design was the missing link in my life that took me from healing and moving forward courageously on my journey to feeling masterful over my life. 

I use Human Design with all of my private clients who have access to their birth time because not only does it tell you a lot about yourself (like astrology), it gives you actual strategies to use in decision-making and moving through life with the most ease and the least resistance. 

I not only "read" your Human Design, I coach you in how to apply it to your life so you can experiment for yourself and FEEL the difference. Applying your Human Design to your life helps you reduce stress, take care of your body better, relate more with others and stand confidently in the truth of who YOU are, while letting everyone else be who they are too.


"Working with Kerri supported me in better understanding myself and how I can interact with the world from a place of authenticity and power. The world of human design is fascinating and Kerri did a wonderful job of breaking down all of the elements specific to my design. I immediately started to experience results as I brought the awareness of my design into my life. It relieved a lot of pressure, making me step into my wholeness as a human being with power and grace. Doing this work with Kerri is forever integrated into my life." 
- David, Breathwork Practitioner and coach


The Foundation is a video course that covers what I believe EVERYONE should know about their Human Design. In the future, this will *likely* be available self-study, but for now it's reserved for clients that work with me 1 on 1.

In Human Design parlance, we cover: Type, Strategy & Authority, Defined, Undefined and Open Centers, Building Blocks of Profile, Understanding Your Incarnation Cross.

Understanding Your Human Design to Radically Improve Your Life

“Understanding the role of my authority and energy type in human design has helped me manage my energy, trust my choices, and follow my body’s wisdom - its intuitions as well as its needs - to both work more efficiently an welcome serendipity. As a real estate agent I’m fortunate to have a great deal of freedom in the way I run my business; human design has been a big part of making the most meaningful use of that freedom (and you should see me running my colleague’s charts to improve our collaborations!). HD (and Kerri) keep on helping me imagine and sustain a business that brings me real joy.” - Michaela 
                 Writer & Real estate agent

More testimonials

Working with Kerri helped me find ease in my emotional authority. Before, I always really questioned the insanity of the waves I was riding and never knew they were waves. Now, there’s such a peace and trust about arriving where I need to arrive, when I need to arrive there. Going through the flow of it and almost even enjoying those ups and downs. That has been everything for me.

As a Projector in human design, I’ve gotten a lot of clarity about past experiences with people. Where I felt rejected or my boundaries were violated or I didn’t know my place. There’s a whole new way of relating to people and a new way of conserving what I have to give or see. There are times where I take my insight with me. It doesn’t need to be expressed.

I’m continuing to work on embodying the identity of that person I see now really shining. I know it’s who I really am. She calls me forward.”
— Lisa

“I really feel freer, free to be who I am. Stepping into my power. Being more confident with who I am and what I want. I am learning to separate everyone’s else’s feelings from my own. Thank you.”
— Rene

"I’m much more aware of how I process my emotions and I’m easier on myself because I understand that I’m riding a wave. It’s been so beneficial in my friendships, my personal relationships and my relationship to myself. Getting the information about the things I really excel at and the things I need to work on was so nice. It’s confirming something about yourself you have known all along.

Now I can believe this about myself. I already knew, but I couldn’t trust myself yet. It’s been an education, interesting and a jumping off point to continue learning about myself and then learning how to take that and help others heal. I’m getting that calling really strongly. Trusting myself to work on other people.”
— Alex

"Kerri is insightful, warm, and gentle in her approach while she delivers a most powerful message and the tools to accomplish what lies in our deepest desires. ”
— Janet

"In keeping up the practice of listening to my sacral, in the months since learning about my Human Design, I’ve experienced profound and life-changing surrender and expansion. Very grateful, Kerri, for your kind, intuitive, intelligent, and embodied guidance.”
— A. M.