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40 Day
"reignite your writinG, Artistry, or Business"
Human Design intensive

So, you've discovered the world of Human Design and want to dig deeper into YOUR specific chart with an expert AND have some accountability as you reignite your writing, artistry or business. Amazing! 

I am obsessed with helping writers, creatives and business owners live in alignment with their Human Design and I'm ready to help you too. 

If you have
1. a writing project you want to start on
2. a body of work you're looking to create as an artist/musician
3. or a business you want to reignite or reconfigure to better suit you...

This 40 day intensive will help you:

- Get your CONFIDENCE and CLARITY back after any disappointments,
let-downs or stalled writing projects or business launches of the past. 

- Connect you with what is UNIQUE and COMPELLING about you as a writer / creative / business owner and use it to your advantage.

- Re-find your FLOW & INNATE MOTIVATION for your writing, art or business, discovering how this project fits into your current life circumstances (that may have changed since you were last inspired & in flow!)

- Become aware of the patterns, places and thoughts that take you OFF track (the ones that  leave you feeling uninspired, disconnected and uncertain) and learn new tools to OVERCOME YOUR PATTERNS so you can stay in alignment. 

- Have a reason to SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF, celebrate yourself (Walt Whitman ;) ), & experiment with the environments, beliefs and perspectives that SUPPORT your creativity, natural productivity & true excitement for your work or art alongside a trusted Human Design guide and creativity coach. 

If you're ready to dive in to your Human Design, sign up below! I'll be in touch within 24 business hours to discuss your start date and first steps! 

Writers & artists

business owners

"Working with Kerri supported me in better understanding myself and how I can interact with the world from a place of authenticity and power. The world of human design is fascinating and Kerri did a wonderful job of breaking down all of the elements specific to my design. I immediately started to experience results as I brought the awareness of my design into my life. It relieved a lot of pressure, making me step into my wholeness as a human being with power and grace. Doing this work with Kerri is forever integrated into my life." 
- David, Breathwork Practitioner and coach

HUMAN DESIGN Gives you permission to do writing / creativity / life / BUSINESS in the way that is most natural + Satisfying to you. 

Human Design shows you who you were before the world started telling you who to be. It's a map of your unique energy signature that reflects back your deepest truth, as well as unhelpful patterns that have been making life difficult. By understanding your Human Design, you can see what is working, natural, and part of your creative + career + soul journey - and what you can leave behind. 

Through understanding yourself at this level, you make better decisions, feel more relaxed and at peace around your path in creativity, business, and career and can more easily see what is see what is beautiful and unique about you and how you are meant to be productive + create. Life gets a lot more fun when you are working WITH your innate design rather than against it. 

If you're feeling frustrated, angry, bitter or disappointed more often than you would like, I highly recommend learning your Human Design. 

"Three summers ago Kerri Van Kirk did a Human Design reading for me that profoundly shifted the trajectory of my business for the better. By looking at some of the more nuanced material and communicating it to me in a way that felt intuitive, not just learned, she was able to help me illuminate the kind of leadership that was most natural to me and aligned with my design so I could lean into it.

This has impacted the way I communicate and present myself in the world as well as affirming an inner philosophy I’ve always had around radical generosity and the way that that works to bring me and those around me exactly what I need.

Kerri’s highly gifted and intuitive and our relationship spans about 7 years. I highly recommend her to other leaders and CEO’s who are seeking clear energetic support and insight." - Tanya Rubinstein, Founder of Somatic Writing

More testimonials

"Thank you so much Kerri for this first session! It already got so much in motion. So much so that I had to dance because my joy was coming back! I haven't had the urge or even the energy to daace in such a long time. It was like the music wanted to show me new ways of getting back into my body. This felt really great and I realized that it could be that way with my writing process too. Good things come out when I am in motion!"
- FS

 "Working with Kerri helped me find ease in my emotional authority. Before, I always really questioned the insanity of the waves I was riding and never knew they were waves. Now, there’s such a peace and trust about arriving where I need to arrive, when I need to arrive there. Going through the flow of it and almost even enjoying those ups and downs. That has been everything for me.

As a Projector in human design, I’ve gotten a lot of clarity about past experiences with people. Where I felt rejected or my boundaries were violated or I didn’t know my place. There’s a whole new way of relating to people and a new way of conserving what I have to give or see. There are times where I take my insight with me. It doesn’t need to be expressed.

I’m continuing to work on embodying the identity of that person I see now really shining. I know it’s who I really am. She calls me forward.”
— Lisa

“I really feel freer, free to be who I am. Stepping into my power. Being more confident with who I am and what I want. I am learning to separate everyone’s else’s feelings from my own. Thank you.”
— Rene

"Kerri is insightful, warm, and gentle in her approach while she delivers a most powerful message and the tools to accomplish what lies in our deepest desires. ”
— Janet

"In keeping up the practice of listening to my sacral, in the months since learning about my Human Design, I’ve experienced profound and life-changing surrender and expansion. Very grateful, Kerri, for your kind, intuitive, intelligent, and embodied guidance.”
— A. M.


How many sessions does the 40 day intensive include?

The package includes 3x 50-minute sessions (my tendency is to go long, so they may last a bit longer than that, but also, Human Design can be overwhelming when you try to do too much at once. That's why we have the audio messaging in between so it's more digestible.) I also spend time with your chart before we begin so we can make the most of our time together.

Is this coaching? Will we clarify and dig deep into questions and challenge to find out what might be a good solution/way to move forward?

Yes, it is coaching! A big part of this program is the context of what you are bringing into the container. I'd love to hear more about you, your writing and if you have a specific project you'd like to bring into this, or if it's more an exploration in discovering a new, more enjoyable and sustainable writing process. Definitely diving into challenges and exploring solutions through the lens of your specific design. And yes, giving experiments between our sessions based on what you are working toward.

What are the themes of our 1:1 sessions?

The themes of our sessions will go off what is most meaningful to you and what will be most helpful based on the context you bring into the container. Writing is an obvious focus, but the tools of Human Design are useful in health & well-being, relationships and beyond. I will always teach you about using your Strategy & Authority in Human Design and always want to highlight the pieces that make YOU so brilliant. The parts of your design we want to see and feel in your writing and work. 

How does the audio messaging work?

Audio messaging is on an app (Telegram) where we can both record voice notes and text messages. I'll be checking in usually once a day, Monday through Friday to support you there. So if you have questions that come up between sessions about something in your chart, updates on how any experiments we do are working in your writing, or celebrations/shares in the process that's what the space is for. It's also loosely a space for accountability. We will discover together what 'holding you accountable' means based on your unique goals, so that could be more concrete or flowy based on where you are right now. 

My intention is for you to reconnect with your innate joy, motivation and curiosity, experimenting with your writing and design to find your flow. Having the audio messaging gives you a space to report back to me between sessions so we can put your aligned writing puzzle together faster!

What's the difference between the writer/artist intensive and the business intensive?

The artist intensive is for writers and creatives and the business offer is for online entrepreneurs / small business owners. There can be some overlap.

For example, if a writer wanted to strictly talk about promotion of their book instead of process, we may do the business offering instead. Those sessions tend to go a little longer too...around 60-65-minutes to give me more space to understand a person's business/team/goals/etc. I also simply like to offer writers and artists a lower price to support creativity!

“Understanding the role of my authority and energy type in human design has helped me manage my energy, trust my choices, and follow my body’s wisdom - its intuitions as well as its needs - to both work more efficiently an welcome serendipity. As a real estate agent I’m fortunate to have a great deal of freedom in the way I run my business; human design has been a big part of making the most meaningful use of that freedom (and you should see me running my colleague’s charts to improve our collaborations!). HD (and Kerri) keep on helping me imagine and sustain a business that brings me real joy.” - Michaela 
Writer & Real estate agent

Writers & artists

business owners


If you'd like to connect and chat about whether this package is right for you feel free to email me, or send me a voicenote on instagram! Links below!