Human Design

Do you ever feel like you’re fighting against yourself?

Trying to follow the productivity tips, networking advice, or even the latest eating program - and feeling like you’re doing something wrong because you either just can’t seem to make yourself follow through, or when you do, it falls flat?

Have you tried to force yourself to be extroverted, when you’re really an introvert? To stick to just one career even though your heart is ready to move on? To try to claim your identity once and for all, or to have an opinion about everything when you really just don’t?

All of these issues can be solved when you affirm and trust YOUR UNIQUENESS and shed any of the false beliefs and limiting stories about who you are and what’s possible in your life.

What you’ve been looking for is permission to finally be yourself. To live and work and shine in a way uniquely suited to you. Human Design is one of the best ways to do that!

What is human design?

Human Design is the most cutting edge system available that uses astrology, the I-Ching, Kabbalah and Chakra system to create a map of your body that explains how you best exchange energy with the world (ie: take action) and make decisions. It can tell you what parts of life you feel secure in, and what parts you are likely to be overly influenced by others in. Having this information is the fastest way to start trusting yourself.

This map is complex and can be hard to decipher to the average person, which is why it is so helpful to have a human design reader who has been studying all of the aspects of the chart in depth and can tell you exactly what YOUR unique combination means.

This is what my chart looks like! Yours will look totally different!

This is what my chart looks like! Yours will look totally different!


Human Design is a synthesis of ancient and modern technologies, linking together astrology, the chakra system, Kabbalah, the I’Ching and reading of the genetic code. Through your exact birth time and location, the system provides a concrete map (called a bodygraph) of your own nature and provides simple tools for making correct decisions, being yourself and eliminating resistance in your life. 

In a reading + report with Kerri, you will understand your energetic type and how that fits into the bigger picture of the world, your strategy for success, the way you best make decisions, what parts of you are affecting others, and where others and the outside world are influencing you. You will learn the areas of life where you are meant to gain the most wisdom, your highest purpose and the “character” you are here to play to live out that purpose. We will also look into the themes of the first part of life (before age 38-43) and the themes of maturity that emerge after 43 years of age. Fulfilling our purpose takes patience and discipline, as well as the ability to make the right decisions.

Initial Reading:

65 minute live reading + written report covering energy type, strategy, authority, defined and undefined centers, profile, incarnation cross, conscious sun and north and south nodes. 

In this reading + report with Kerri, you will understand your energetic type and how that fits into the bigger picture of the world, your strategy for success, and the way you best make decisions. By applying the strategies shared in your reading, you will become aligned with the deepest parts of yourself rather than working against yourself.


Kerri is knowledgeable and empathetic. More than just reading my human design chart, Kerri fostered an inquisitive and trusting environment that allowed for a dynamic conversation and the space for me to understand the principles behind this work and to reflect on how I engage with the world. She is thoughtful and thorough - her emphasis is that wellness is not a matter of changing yourself but rather accepting and caring for who you are.
— K.B. (NYC)
I knew little to nothing about what I was in for walking into a Human Design session with Kerri. While I explained my current mind state and life situation, Kerri listened and responded in a very thoughtful and concise manner. From the get go, being in this comfortable environment with her allowed me to talk freely and at ease. Throughout the session, Kerri shone light on and brought up many points and areas of my life that had surfaced before but I had never known quite what to make of them. It was so interesting to hear Kerri’s analysis of my centers - all of which were spot on. Even from one session with Kerri, I walked away feeling significantly lighter with a valuable set of tools and sense of clarity to carry forwards into my day to day life. Highly recommended!
— Hannah R. (NYC)
I was feeling tossed-about, ungrounded and overwhelmed when I reached out to Kerri. She gave me insight about my own motivations, choices, and potential for growth and clarity through human design, and it helped me feel immediately more understood, more centered, and more capable.
— J. E. (NYC)