Subtle Energy Shifts Can Lead to BIG Changes


If you’re interested in the subtle energetics of our reality (and how shifting them can change your external results QUICKLY. Read on…)

An occupational perk I get to receive as an energy reader/intuitive healer is that every eight days or so I’ll get a little ping about the next healing or energy shift that’s ready to happen in MY life, psyche + body. 

Yesterday morning, after exercising, I got one of those pings. 

I was finishing up a workout (20 minutes barre, 20 minutes full body strength from Peloton. Can’t believe Robin Arzon looks so strong so fast after pregnancy! But then again….of course I can!) when my ‘tricky hip’ as I’ve called it in poems of the past came to my attention. 

“There’s something more to this….” I thought. I can know something about this today. Something that will help it shift. 

But then, because energy is subtle I kind of forgot about it as I finished my stretches and went into the kitchen to start cooking breakfast. 

As I was getting my small pot for oatmeal out of the cabinets, something clanged loudly. A few moments later a cupboard shut unexpectedly hard and created another clang. I noticed the strange energy. “What’s happening here?” I thought. “What’s trying to get my attention?”

That’s when I remembered/heard. The leg. You can find something out about the leg. Do it now. 

First I asked my wrist (my intuitive antennae) where the issue with this hip was coming from. 

I got a yes to “ancestral.”

Cool. What else can I know about it?

I felt that I needed to answer the question that I would often ask a client. When did this hip issue begin?

My first response was “I’m not going to remember anything useful…” But I pushed beyond that first impulse and went with what I knew. 

The hip issue started in 2014 in Costa Rica. I was running on the beach and when I walked back up the hill, not far from the gorgeous villa we were staying at (more on that in a moment) it was like the inside of my upper left thigh gave out…like a ligament bent in a way that it wasn’t supposed to and I couldn’t walk properly. 

I remember this moment so clearly and then…what happened afterward. My boyfriend (at the time, now husband) Charlie had recently flown in, and the villa had been rented by my boss at the time for a storytelling tech startup (I was getting a free 3 week working vacation in Costa Rica because it was too cold for her in NYC and she decided to bring me with for a fun trip!) 

Charlie and I had our own room and I went into the bed. I know at some point during the trip a doctor was called into the house for me and we had a good visit (I *think* it was for this leg issue, but it might have been something else I can’t remember). 

Regardless, what stood out to me standing in the kitchen this morning was how LOVED I felt, first of all because Charlie took the trip to Costa Rica alone to come meet me. This had nothing to do with the leg injury, per se, but everything to do with me FULLY TAKING IN the feeling of deep love that he would come do that. (Back then, I was still not used to men showing up for me! Thank goodness that’s a pattern we can change! 😂) In my kitchen this morning I started crying, feeling so moved by actually letting myself FEEL how much that meant to me. Then I thought about the rest of it. The villa, my boss, the doctor….all showing up for me in such a supportive way to make sure I was okay. I took that support in as well. 

(I also reflected on the LACK of support I felt when we went back to NYC and I was scared of doctors and the cost of doctors so I just went to an Urgent Care – my leg was still bothering me and they just gave me some extra strength ibuprofen. I realized many years later that I really should have been referred to physical therapy at that point, but I was young and didn’t know any better and it never happened.)

But why is this ancestral? I thought to myself. How does this all fit together?

It’s time to feel fully supported. 

By yourself. By life. By the people around you. 

The ancestral pattern was having access to love, access to resources, AND NOT FULLY LETTING IT IN.

Not fully RECEIVING the emotional impact of the love and support that is available. 

Not fully taking in the blessings, but somehow keeping them distant from our sense of self. 

(This is the ancestral pattern that has run on one side of the family.)

My life is SO blessed and has been for SO long. And yet….I realized that deep down in the core of me and stemming from this ancestral relationship to love and money there has been a part of me that hasn’t fully been able to take that in. 

And when you don’t fully take in the support you have, it feels like you can’t trust that it will always be there. 

That you’ll always need to ‘get by’ even when SO MUCH MORE is available to you. 

(Even in that moment of being scared going to doctor’s….I was 23 and still on my mom’s health insurance. I could have gotten the treatment I needed, but I didn’t see it because part of me couldn’t fully take in just how SUPPORTED I was. Even I was making very little money, there’s a part of me that couldn’t trust the support that was there for me through my mom’s health insurance and simply through LIFE showing up to take care of me with more opportunities to make money or what-have-you to pay for any PT bills I would have incurred…I just couldn’t see it.)

That was almost a decade ago and for many years now I’ve seen myself as a very grateful person. And it’s true. The amount of positive words that come out of my mouth on a daily basis would shock (and likely disgust, lol) my teenage self who was sad, sad, sad. 

But today I unlocked a deeper level. An ability to really take in how much the love and support means to me and get used to the idea that that is ALWAYS there. ALWAYS. Giving me even more freedom to give myself or receive exactly what I need in the future, health wise or anywhere else. 

I asked my wrist if the ‘session’ was complete and got a yes. It’s done!

Later that day, I had the most fun afternoon/evening, lapping up every minute and enjoying the hell out of myself. Sauna / homemade cookies / 10pm dinner / client love / fun times with my husband. Plus, that afternoon my partner got an unexpected opportunity that DIRECTLY ties into a very important symbol in my family’s life around wealth & money. I can’t say much more than that…but you can’t make this sh*t up. I’m so excited & curious to see what will happen next… 👀⚡ 

And those are the subtle levels of healing that we work with. The ones that are hiding just under the surface but affecting every choice you make and sending out an enormous ripple effect into your future…. And yes, you can get immediate feedback in your outer reality that something big has shifted. Call it magic, but it’s just the way the universe works!

Shift one core understanding of the world or way you relate to the world, and your whole life can change. 

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