Human Design: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

It’s the winter solstice and I’m feeling waves of gratitude for the precious gift that is the Human Design System. For the past several days, I’ve been deepening my understanding of how Human Design mechanics work in the context of small business and it feels simultaneously like I’ve known this information for lifetimes, and that I can’t wait to soak *everything* into my brain + body.

This enraptured feeling happened to me when I first started learning about my own Human Design in 2018, and reoccurs every time I invest in deepening my knowledge, or simply sit in contemplation of my own chart and the charts of my clients, family, collaborators and friends.

If the Human Design system is new to you, I’ll share a brief overview.

This is an example of a Human Design Bodygraph, which essentially gives you a map of your natural energy flow. It shows me where you have consistent, reliable energy and where you take in energy from those around you. Different charts lead to different tendencies and strategies for success, satisfaction and sound decision-making. I work with clients very differently based on their Human Design because no person is exactly alike.

Knowing your chart helps me differentiate what will work for you versus someone else and can give me quick and meaningful insight about your natural strengths as well as potential challenges/opportunities to say no, set boundaries and develop intuitive wisdom.

I highly recommend working with a skilled practitioner you resonate with (whether that’s me or someone else) to understand your Human Design. Each level of understanding (from what’s obvious in the bodygraph above, to the gate and line level, to substructure underneath the chart) becomes a new gift in deeply understanding and accepting who you are and the way you tick.

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If you want to work 1:1, contact me. I don’t share my 3-session Human Design package publicly anymore, but I may just have space to take you on 🙂