Don’t Look Up: A Call for Ethical, (Not Just Profitable) Leadership

The Sunday after Christmas Day, I dissolved into the couch at my in-laws and was lucky enough to have my husband discover that the new Adam McKay film Don’t Look Up had been released straight to Netflix.

I was also lucky enough to not have read any of the negative reviews about the film that might have tainted my experience of it.

Truth? I loved it.

Declared it one of my top 10 favorite films of all time.

To be fair, I’m no film snob – accessibility, entertainment, self-reflection & emotion are my top values when it comes to art + storytelling. But if you haven’t seen it already, I want to encourage you to watch this important (and hilarious) film that starts off straightforward, quickly turns camp, and then moves into eerily accurate and poignant territory, calling for a real examination of the consciousness and ethics of our business and political leaders.

I won’t spoil it for you here, (this article can do a good job of that if you like, while getting to what I agree is the heart of the film’s message that most critics are missing) but if you want a reinvigoration of committing to leadership values that hold you to putting people over profit, this one’s for you, too.