What Morphic Fields Are You Resonating With?

If you’ve been going down the rabbit hole of energy work, personal development, Human Design and coaching, you might be wondering how all this energy talk applies to helping you create more of what you desire in your life. This blog post will help make that clear.

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Whether you want to make more money, create better love, better friendships, a new home, or have more peace or satisfaction, you want to be considering which morphic fields you are resonating with.

What’s a Morphic Field?

Morphic Fields are conglomerations of energy consisting of ideas, beliefs, thoughts and emotional energy. Depending on where we are emotionally and energetically, we can resonate with some morphic fields, and not others. On a broad strokes level, are you resonating with love, well-being or gratitude right now? Or are you resonating with fear, lack or frustration? You can likely feel if you’re leaning one way or the other.

Why is this important? Well, your resonance in large part determines what you can create and what you are available for receiving in your work, business, relationships and life.

Here is a piece from “Little Book of Big Potentials” by Melissa Joy Jonsson:

Page 41

Limitation as Imitation:

To transform our experiences, it is extremely helpful to modify resonance with morphic fields of limitation. Limitation is imitation and is not a reflection of the truth of our essence as limitless beings.”

That was the sentence that stopped me in my tracks this morning and made me want to talk about this. When we are experiencing limitation in our lives, it’s because (often on a subconscious level) we are only able to imitate what we’ve seen up close before, especially in our childhood. Everything we hear and see and feel up until we are about 7 years old becomes the foundation of our belief systems and thought processes about how the world works. We are literally learning by imitating our parents, friends, or later on, people in our industry.

So if you want to create something you’ve never seen up close before, (a loving partnership, more than enough money, creative accolades) you are going to have to stop imitating others (aka, tapping into the morphic fields that they are resonating with) – and choose to resonate with a field that matches what you want to create in your life, or at least gets you closer.

How do you choose to resonate with expansive morphic fields rather than limiting ones?

That’s a good question. Of course, the Innate Healing work and Energy Upgrade sessions I do help you with this. When you receive energy work, or Human Design Coaching based on your unique energetic system, it can help you unplug from the grids of information that limit you and plug you into fields of love and expansion. Basically, plugging you into the things that you want and unplugging you from the things you don’t want.

Let’s talk about money. If you grew up in a house where there wasn’t a lot of money, you are probably resonating with that morphic field and you’ve developed this habit thought that “there is not enough” or “I have to hold onto what I’ve got.” You resonate with that because of your previous experiences rather than the thought that someone else might have had, like “there is always more than enough money.”

You are resonating with the field of there’s never enough, and since reality is a feedback loop, you receive more evidence of that being true. Here’s how the feedback loop works:

We send emotional and energetic information into the universe, the universe receives it, and then it sends information back. So, what we send into the universe informs what comes back to us. If we want to change what we are receiving back, we need to change what we are sending.

Working Consciously and Subconsciously

I find with myself and my clients that it’s ideal to work on both a conscious level and an unconscious level for this. You can consciously choose new beliefs to feed yourself, like “I always have more than enough time in my day,” “Things are always working out for me,” “My partner will recognize me when he meets me” (like if you’re calling in a relationship) and sometimes that, plus resonating with those thoughts on an embodied, emotional, heart-centered level can work.

But sometimes, there is stuck energy or emotions held in your body and being from past experiences that make it impossible to fully resonate with those new beliefs just by repeating them like mantras. This is why healing work alongside mindset and belief work is so important. By transforming on an energetic, emotional, physical and mental level the morphic fields you are resonating with, you can’t help but bring more love, joy, alignment and flow into your life, relationships and business.

That’s why I do in my 1:1 program, The Field and my upcoming group program Innate Creator (coming June 2022). Feel free to email me with any questions at kerri@kaylocreative.com